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Application deadline for consideration of admission with an assistantship: February 15
The Department awards several of teaching assistantships per year, and occasionally faculty who have received grants hire students as their graduate research assistants. These TAships and RAship are competitive. Normally, an assistantship brings with it a full tuition remission and a modest salary. New students who assist in four courses per year  earn $10,000 per year, with opportunities to earn additional money during the summer and the winter intercession.
A complete application must be received by February 15 for consideration for an assistantship. In addition to admission with assistantship, the Department continues to accept applications through June. Applicants during this period are much more likely to be placed on our wait-list rather than immediately receiving an offer; however, strong applicants still have a chance of being admitted, although most likely without any funding. (Under unusual circumstances, the Department will accept students for Spring or Summer admission.)

The following items are required for the M.A. application:    
Applications can be submitted online through the Graduate School. Writing samples and letters of recommendation may be considered more quickly if a copy is also emailed to Eric Wiland,
This page has links to everything you need, but if you have any questions, please consult the FAQ, or contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Eric Wiland.
Fees for graduate coursework can be found at the cashiers office. Graduate students who begin their UMSL careers as out-of-state students do not automatically acquire in-state status after a year's residency. The rules regarding these matters are in force throughout the UM system. Check residency information for the details of this policy. All students who are United States citizens are eligible for federal loans, either subsidized or unsubsidized.


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