Oak Hall "The Suite Life"

Oak Hall is a six-story, 130,000-square-foot residential hall that accommodates more than 400 students. Oak Hall is for residents aged 22 or younger, and features four-bedroom suites; each resident has a private room and the four residents share a bathroom featuring a dual vanity and enclosed restroom stall. Each wing in Oak Hall is lead by a Residential Assistant. In addition, two Senior Residential Assistants oversee the event programming in Oak Hall and the Front Desk Assistants. Take a Virtual Tour of Oak Hall today to get a better feel for campus and residential hall life.

Oak Hall

Oak Hall Amenities

Loft bed rentals will be available for Fall 2013-Spring 2014. If you are interested in a loft rental please contact Khalilah Doss at dossk@umsl.edu and provide your name and rooms number in Oak Hall.

Floor Plans

Here are three examples of the suites available in Oak Hall. Dimensions for rooms will vary with availability. Visit us on Facebook for a photo tour or take a Virtual Tour.



2013-2014 Academic Year Pricing (For the nine-month academic year of 2013-2014):

Meal Plan Information

All Oak Hall residents are REQUIRED to have one meal plan per semester (Fall and Spring only). The mandatory meal plan is Option 1, but students may choose to upgrade. The totals listed below are on a semesterly basis. For more information, please visit UMSL Dining.

All first time residents must select option 1, 2 or 3. SUCCEED recommends that students select Option 3, which offers the greatest number of meals (approximately two meals a day). Students may wish to purchase additional meals as needed or go grocery shopping.

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