The SUCCEED curriculum has been designed to create a living-learning experience where young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are empowered with skills necessary to be independent, engaged, and contributing members of their community. The curriculum, learning activities, and internships are structured around social interaction, personal development, independent living skills, preparation for employment and/or preparation for a degree-seeking program.

The curriculum will develop skills in five key areas:  

The vocational thread will include internships for participants that may lead to employment opportunities after completion of the program.


2013-2014 Academic Year

Total Program Fees: $10,150

Total Residential Fees: $10,120**

Total Participant Fees (2 Semesters): $20,270

*Oak Hall students are required to have a meal plan. Several options are available; SUCCEED recommends that students select Option 3, which offers the greatest number of meals (approximately two meals a day). Students may wish to purchase additional meals as needed or go grocery shopping.

**Residential fees shown reflect 2013 costs and will be updated when 2014 information is available.

Costs are subject to change.