School Improvement and Collective Impact Symposium

This symposium is for public elected officials, school administrators, university faculty, agency leaders, youth leaders, school board members, clergy, teachers, and those interested in public policy and the community’s efforts toward school improvement and collective impact.

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St. Louis has many initiatives on the table and many agencies engaged in collectively impacting our community and improving our schools. Maximizing these efforts requires coordination and cohesive thought among those charged with helping students and building our community. This Symposium brings into focus the issues facing school improvement and collective impact in the St. Louis region, and begins the conversation of where we stand in the fall of 2013, and next steps to achieve our goals.

This Symposium will address key issues any metropolitan area faces when analyzing the effectiveness of public schools and those entities affecting the public welfare. Mary Anne Schmitt-Carey will keynote the Symposium by discussing her experience with Say Yes to Education in New York and the transformation made in the Syracuse and Buffalo, NY public schools. This transformation occurred through a systematic coordination of community agencies organized together to achieve change and improved educational conditions in these areas.

Following Schmitt-Carey’s presentation, representatives from municipal government and charitable organizations in St. Louis will discuss “Where We are in St. Louis.” Those attending will then have an opportunity to discuss the priorities in getting communities ready for collective impact here, specifically, what systems are working, what systems are not working, and what systems do we need?

Finally, representatives from the State of Missouri, and local educational agencies will discuss what policy initiatives are necessary to reach our vision.


Keynote Speaker


Mary Anne Schmitt-Carey is President of Say Yes to Education, Inc. (Say Yes), a national non-profit foundation committed to changing the lives of inner-city youth through the promise of post-secondary education and the delivery of comprehensive support services. In 2012, she was appointed to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Education Reform Commission, which is tasked to make recommendations about how to boost student achievement and make education spending more efficient in New York State.

Schmitt-Carey joined Say Yes from New American Schools (NAS) and the American Institutes for Research (AIR) in Washington, DC. For six years she served as President and CEO of NAS (which merged with AIR), helping the non-profit organization grow from a pilot initiative to the model for a national school improvement program called Comprehensive School Reform.

During her 11-year tenure at NAS, Schmitt-Carey also held positions as its COO, Vice President, and Director of Communications and Public Policy. In addition, she served as Vice President for Public Policy and External Relations for AIR.
Prior to joining NAS, Schmitt-Carey worked for the U.S. Department of Education as Director of the Goals 2000 Community Project, where she created and managed a support network for local communities seeking to improve education. In addition, Schmitt-Carey has worked in public relations and has held several senior level positions in national political campaigns.

Schmitt-Carey earned her MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in May 2001 and graduated magna cum laude from SUNY Albany in May 1987, earning a BA degree in Political Science and English.

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This Symposium is funded, in part, by a gift from the University of Missouri-St. Louis is recognition of its 50-year Jubilee.