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Human resource issues impact every company in some way. That's why it's important to understand the fundamental issues surrounding HR today.

SHRM, the leading global HR professional organization, has developed the SHRM Essentials of HR Management course which provides an introductory overview of the human resource function. Whether you are new to HR or if HR is one of many roles you fulfill at your company, this program, offered in partnership with SHRM and the University of Missouri—St. Louis, covers the key HR topics you need to know. 

Build a Solid Foundation in HR Management Skills

By covering a breadth of practical HR topics, the SHRM Essentials of HR Management provides the knowledge to perform daily tasks. Through this course you will also:


Course Benefits

SHRM understands the demands of the HR professional. That’s why the SHRM Essentials of HR Management course balances printed materials, online learning, and live instructor support to meet your learning needs and schedule.

Why Take the SHRM Essentials of HR Management Course?

Benefits for Employees

Through the SHRM Essentials of HR Management course, participants can:

Benefits for Companies

The SHRM Essentials of HR Management course can help companies increase HR knowledge that is critical to overall business success. This program:
Who Should Attend?

Designed as a thorough introduction to HR basics, the SHRM Essentials of HR Management course provides a solid foundation in human resource management that improves HR job performance across multiple job titles and functions. 


Small Investment in Quality Training...Big Payback

Backed by SHRM’s track record of providing quality HR training, the SHRM Essentials of HR Management course covers the topics you need to meet key HR challenges that are relevant to you and your company. In less than 20 hours of training time, you can cover the issues you need to reduce potentially costly lawsuits.
Developed by leading HR experts, HR practitioners, and legal counsel, the SHRM Essentials of HR Management course covers introductory HR topics in a condensed, easy-to-understand format. The straightforward format ensures that HR concepts can be mastered and applied to real-life situations.
You’ll benefit from the shared experiences of your instructor and peers, while learning techniques for handling HR challenges through interactive case studies designed to make you feel comfortable dealing with HR issues.  In addition, you’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement from our institution and have the opportunity to earn up to 1.5 continuing education units (CEUs) or 15 PHR/SPHR/GPHR recertification hours upon completion.


Content and Materials

Newly updated with the latest HR developments, the SHRM Essentials of HR Management program combines print materials with online study tools to provide a blended learning experience.

Print Materials

Each SHRM Essentials of HR Management course participant will receive two printed books. The Participant’s Reference Book includes the printed content of the course.  It addresses six key human resource management practices, compiled into one comprehensive course book for easy reference.

  1. Human Resource Management - Gain a clear understanding of the HR function.
  2. Employment Law - Enhance your ability to apply key HR legislation.
  3. Recruitment and Selection - Develop important skills for selecting employees.
  4. Compensation and Benefits - Learn the key elements of a total compensation system.
  5. Employee Development - Obtain an understanding of orientation, development, and training.
  6. Performance Management - Discover the purpose and process for performance evaluation.

The Participant’s Activities Book contains copies of the instructor slides with room for notes and application activities.

Web-based Study Tools and Resources

The Web-based tools are designed to support the print materials, provide added opportunities to review and master HR concepts, and gain confidence. The tools are available to all SHRM Essentials of HR Management program participants.

Online Study Tools

Assess Knowledge

Support Learning
Apply HR Concepts


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