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Today’s distributed work environments often create the need for managers, employees, and customers to be able to communicate with each other from different physical locations. Microsoft SharePoint can give you the ability to work in collaboration in such an environment. This technology creates a Web-based environment, giving access to documents, ideas, important links, and communications.  

Our specialized certificate covers the collaboration features of SharePoint, as well as how to integrate with Office products, store and secure data, customize lists, and manage user access. The certificate includes courses using SharePoint Designer, Microsoft's application for creating and enhancing your SharePoint sites.

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You should be proficient with the Windows environment and be able to find files, create folders, organize and manage files and folders, work with multiple windows, and share data between applications via the Clipboard. You should also have experience with Microsoft Office applications. If you do not have this experience, it is recommended that you first take the Introduction to Windows course. You are required to complete any prerequisites listed for certificate classes. The prerequisite classes will not count toward the required 42 hours.

Certificate Class Requirements

A minimum of 42 hours is required: 12 hours from the Core Classes, 6 from Advanced SharePoint, 12 from Design and Interactivity, and 12 from the Electives.


Core Classes

(12 hours)

Advanced Classes

(6 hours)

Design & Interactivity

(12 hours)


(12 hours)

These courses give you experience in working with other programs and languages to enhance your SharePoint site.

For specific course schedules, please visit the CETC Catalog.  For more information, visit our Web site at http://www.cetc.umsl.edu.