Whitney Collins

EMAIL: wlccm3@mail.umsl.edu


2013 - present: M.S. in Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics, Certificate of Tropical Biology and Conservation, University of Missouri- Saint Louis

2010 - 2012: B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife, Minor in Captive Wild Animal Management, Minor in Biology, University of Missouri

2006 - 2009: B.S. in Animal Science, University of Missouri

Research Interests:

As a conservation biologist, my career goals are focused on the conservation and preservation of species of concern on a global scale. Through the multidisciplinary approach of conservation medicine, my future research will be focused on understanding the health of animals, humans and ecosystems in a constantly changing world. Furthermore, I wish to collaborate with zoological parks and research teams around the globe to further educate the general public and bring awareness about issues affecting the Earth's biodiversity.

In addition to global conservation, I find it vital to also focus on local conservation as well as offering assistance to wild animal sanctuaries helping conserve biodiversity by caring for individuals that can no longer be released back into the wild or no longer have a home in their native ranges. Through these opportunities, I have been able to educate a multitude of people of all ages about conservation, sustainability, threats to biodiversity and ecosystem functions, as well as useful methods in lessening their "carbon footprint" helping to ensure a healthier tomorrow.