Alicia Marty



2013 - Present: Graduate Student in Ecology, Evolution and Systematics - Department of Biology, University of Missouri - St. Louis

2008 - 2010: Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

2006 - 2008: Associate of Science in Biology, Southwestern Illinois College

Research Interests:

I am passionate about wildlife conservation and captive breeding programs. I have been working at several zoos for the past 4 years and have developed a strong desire to work with zoo-based conservation programs, captive animal management, and public education. My thesis research is focused on Black and White Ruffed Lemur (Varecia variegata) female behavior and endocrinology. I am studying the group of lemurs in the Primate House at the Saint Louis Zoo, where I also work part-time. I am also completing a research internship at the Saint Louis Zoo in the Endocrinology Lab and the AZA Wildlife Contraception Center.

While the majority of my experiences have been with primates, I am interested in all species around the world, as they each play a vital role in their ecosystems. I am very excited about my graduate work at UMSL and the partnership at the Saint Louis Zoo with which I am involved! Feel free to contact me regarding information about the Parker lab, UMSL's Biology program, the Saint Louis Zoo, or anything primate or conservation related.