"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill

College of Nursing at UMSL Scholarship Campaign
Education has the power to transform a life. The impact of an education in nursing reaches far beyond the student to patients, their families and the entire community. Scholarships do more than help pay for education--they recognize and reward hard work and dedication. The Scholarship Campaign gives anyone the opportunity to provide for generations of students to learn, grow and achieve. It also provides the educated registered nurses so necessary to a healthy community.

The Legacy of Endowed Scholarships
Endowed Scholarships are designed to provide permanent awards in the name of an individual, company, organization or foundation. Donors may contribute to an existing scholarship fund or create an endowed scholarship in their name or as a memorial to a loved one. An endowment is permanent and is carefully invested to provide income for scholarships. The principal is never spent and so continues in perpetuity as a legacy and heritage for the future.

You may set guidelines for awarding your scholarship. For example, a minimum grade point average, undergraduate or graduate program, field of interest, financial need, or other criteria.

Types of Endowed Scholarship
An Immediate Gift with a Minimum of $30,000
The scholarship will be awarded in the year following the establishment of a gift from income realized on the investment.

A Series of Specified Gifts Made Over a Period of Years
The scholarship becomes endowed when the fund reaches $30,000. For example, $15,000 for two years, or $10,000 for three years.

Who Benefits?



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