Darlene Sredl, PhD, MSN, RN

Darlene Sredl, PhD, RN

Teaching Professor

206 Nursing Administration Building
College of Nursing, South Campus

Phone: 314-516-7060
Fax: 314-516-7082

Teaching Areas:

  • BSN
    • Fundamentals in Nursing
    • Management & Leadership in Nursing
    • Pediatrics
    • Nursing Theory
  • MSN
    • Nursing Theory
    • Role of the Nurse Leader
    • Healthcare Resource Management

Research Interests:

  • Chief Nursing Executives and their comprehension of Evidence-Based Process (EBP)


  • PhD - University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • MSN - Webster University
  • MA - Webster University (Health Facility Management)

Grant Funding:

  • Sigma Theta Tau-Nu Chi Research Award-$500 2004. Funded
  • Sigma Theta Tau-Nu Chi Research Award-$500 2006. Funded
  • BJ Foundation -"Enhancing Cultural Congruence in the Nursing Clinical Workforce: An Educational Initiative to Foster Cultural Understanding Among RNs and LPNs @ BJ Extended Care by Establishment of a Cultural Congruence Center"- $10,000. Funded
  • BJ Foundation-"Fostering a Culturally Congruent Acceptance of Critical Thinking Among Nursing Professionals in an Extended Care Facility"-$35,000. Funded


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