Lauren Bouckaert  I loved my time on the Barnes cardiac rapid evaluation unit (CREU)! Learning while in the field of your career is an experience I would suggest to anyone. Being an extern really helped me mentally by having me use my critical thinking skills everyday and emotionally as you finally realize “I can do this”. The mentors are great and readily available to assist you in any way. I feel that because of this externship I have grown professionally and am ready to go into the workforce to help those in need. Lauren Bouckaert- 2010 – Missouri State CON
Alyssa Jolly

I really loved the program and had an amazing experience. I was paired up with two amazing and very experienced nurses who know so much and in turn taught me much of what they know. I was able to experience two different worlds that most patients don't get to see or even remember. I worked in the PACU, OR and Recovery Room and worked all facets of those areas that nurses get to work in everyday. I also not only learned a lot, but earned college credit for my hours and attending class. I also got to explore a world of nursing that I had only known very little about. I was able to help with patients in the PACU, scrub in in the OR, and do a lot of assessments on the Recovery Room. I would not trade a thing for my experience at St. Peters BJH, nor would I have chosen any other summer externship experience. 

Alyssa Jolly 2010 – University of Missouri- Sinclair College of Nursing

 The externship program was easily the highlight of my nursing experience thus far. As an extern in the PICU at Children's, I was able to build confidence in my assessments and nursing skills. I learned how to prioritize, delegate and organize every situation that I encountered. The ten weeks that I spent in the PICU were far more beneficial than all of the clinical experiences I have had during nursing school. Not only did I expand on my own nursing skills, but I also learned how to communicate with physicians, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners in order to provide interdisciplinary care for my patients. It was truly the opportunity of a lifetime and such a blessing to work with my preferred patient population and an awesome staff! I am immensely blessed by the entire St. Louis Children's Hospital family and could not thank them enough for everything they've done for me. I HIGHLY recommend this program to every nursing student!

-Bethany Triplett, University of Florida

I absolutely enjoyed being an UMSL extern at St. Louis Children’s Hospital working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Coming from the Washington, D.C. area, I was extremely nervous about participating in the ten week program and being away from family and friends. Now, I am sure that choosing to take part in the program was the BEST choice I could have ever made. I had the opportunity to work with several excellent nurses who helped me with my critical thinking and taught me nursing skills. The clinical and classroom experiences were incredible and the knowledge I acquired is invaluable! Everyone involved in the externship was wonderful, including the BJC recruiters, professors, and nurse mentors. I recommend others to participate in this externship without reservation.

Shadiya Satterfield – Howard University Division of Nursing

The UMSL/BJC Student Nurse Externship program was a great experience! I worked
in the float pool at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. I had the opportunity to
see every part of the hospital- ER, PICU, CICU, NICU, and all the floors. Those
10 weeks were filled with the most valuable learning experiences I have had
throughout my nursing school career. Working one-on-one with a very experienced
mentor, in such a fabulous hospital, gave me the opportunity to see the nursing
world from a different perspective than that of a student in clinicals. I
believe I gained an abundance of experience, knowledge, and confidence over the
summer. It was a great transition into my senior year and an opportunity of a

Beth Kreke, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

During my externship experience at St. Louis Children's Hospital Hematology and Oncology unit, I learned so much more than I ever expected.  Walking onto the floor that first day was really overwhelming and I had no clue how I was going to be able to understand what all happened on the floor.  Soon enough, though, I was learning and doing more than I could have imagined.  Looking back now, this externship was the absolute best summer program I could have asked for in working toward my goal as a nurse.  In these ten weeks my clinical and critically thinking skills were greatly refined and I felt so much more confident in my choice to be a nurse.   The children I worked with brought smiles to my faces every day and the nurses were incredible teachers and mentors throughout the whole program.  My personal mentor pushed me to open my comfort zone, broadening my horizons in nursing practice.  This program packed in everything I wanted to learn this summer and more through class and clinical.  I really couldn't have asked for a better experience opportunity!

- Renee Buettner, 2012 Externship St. Louis Children's Hospital

This externship program was the best experience I have had while in nursing school. The program was well organized and I learned a great deal from my fellow externs during the class component. It gave me the opportunity to build confidence in myself and gain hands on experience. The skills I learned over the summer will be useful all throughout my nursing career. It was definitely a worth while experience!!

Kelly Hermann
Senior Nursing Student
Maryville University

I thought the externship was one of the best experiences I've had since being in nursing school. I felt much more confident in patient skills and assessment after returning to school. I felt so blessed to be able to have an experience like this to solidify my thoughts as to go into Labor and Delivery. It also looks very good to put on a resume!

I graduate in December and go to Mizzou.

Thanks for all your help this summer!

Eileen Luebbe

The externship program was a great opportunity! The hands-on experience and being able to experience the nursing role settled my nerves before I have to be a nurse on my own. I learned a lot and how things flow within the unit and
hospital. I can not believe how much I learned within those ten weeks!

Emily Goebel- SIUE

Seriously, it was the best possible experience I could have gotten in nursing school. The skills I learned and perfected were above and beyond anything I could have ever learned in clinical, and I am grateful I was able to have that opportunity. I also believe that it helped me figure out exactly what I want to do with my nursing degree (O.R.) when I get out of school. Having the opportunity to pick fields you're interested in allows you to experience what a real RN does in that specialty, so it really gives you an idea if that's something you want to do or not. Those three months were better than any clinical rotation I have ever had, bar none.

Garret Gutting
University of Missouri-St. Louis
College of Nursing

Participating in the summer externship program is a wise choice for anyone that is currently in nursing school. The externship allowed us to work one on one with nurses, and in our own desired location and floor. In this way we were exposed to the "real world" nursing field in our chosen locations/specialties.

Patient Care Technicians (PCTs) in hospitals normally are limited in the variety of tasks they can perform independently. The externiship allowed us to perform close to all of the procedures that a nurse would, thereby enhancing our clinical knowledge and practical skills more so than if we were to work as PCTs.

Being able to choose what type of setting you wanted to work in (that you might not be able to work in normally) for 10 weeks and being able to function almost completely as a nurse as an undergraduate are priceless advantages to the program.

My mentor(s) and clinical coordinator in the BJH emergency department were encouraging, helpful, and friendly. I didn't meet anyone I didn't like.

Adam Barnett

Being a student extern was a wonderful experience. It gave me hands on experience that you just can't get in a small town hospital.

Trish Kreikemeier, Truman State University, Kirksville, MO

The summer externship was an amazing opportunity. The hands on experience was more valuable than my nursing clinicals the past 3 semesters. This program prepared me for my senior year and really boosted my confidence in my clincial skills and as a graduate nurse. I wish I could have done it sooner. If this is what you are looking for than I hope it helps. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks!

-Andrea Szerzinski

This externship experience has open different doors of opportunities for me. This experience provided opportunities to advance my clinical skills. The program was well structured; we had clinical practice at the hospital with a preceptor and classroom discussion incorporated together.. The hospital (St. Louis Children̓s Hospital) atmosphere provides different learning experience and the staffs are always willing to teach. Through this externship, I was able to determine my career path. It was definitely one of the best summers of my college career!!

Opi Kemiki
Penn State

I truly loved this externship experience. It taught me so much about myself as a person and as a nurse. I feel much more confident in my nursing skills and capable in my abilities. I am so looking forward graduating and beginning my practice. When I compare my experience with my classmates, I can certainly see that I got the best experience available for students.

Kathleen Quinlan
St. Mary’s University

I have learned more during this externship than I have in two years of nursing school.

This externship gave me the confidence I need when making clinical decisions.

After this externship, I feel confident that I could function as a competent and compassionate nurse, and I still have an entire year or nursing school to complete.

Jake Shepard

It helped me transition from a student role to a nurses role. It was better than my senior practicum. It was very well organized and the lectures were interesting and helpful, like the one on all the types of lines or when a someone from HR came to talk to us and answer our questions. This program also helped me get ahead of the game when it came to applying for a job this semester. The unit treated my like a real nurse vs. a nursing student and asked for my thoughts and opinions about the patients I was taking care of.


Jonna R. Meyer
Maryville University

My name is JoAnn Rabe and I participated in the externship program this past summer 2008. I was at Barnes Jewish Hospital on 15500, the acute psychiatric floor. I was very impressed that I was able to choose the area of where I wanted to be which further helped me decide the career path that I will take after graduation. I learned an excessive amount from my mentor, the area I chose, and all the staff around me. Nursing is a wonderful field to be in and this program helped me refine skills learned and also showed me that this career choice is right for me. I recommend this program to any and all nursing students-if selected you will not be disappointed. –JoAnn Rabe/ UMSL

It was the opportunity of a lifetime to get such good experience while being a student nurse still. Also, I would say  omething about the great pay, good hands on experience, and how good of a relationship I made with my mentor. You can put any of that in your own words but those were definately the perks.

Beth Messmore Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

The Summer Nurse Externship is an opportunity to see what Nursing is really like. This program gave me the confidence I needed to be a better student and become a better nurse. I learned more than I ever imagined and fell in love with Nursing as a profession. I would recommend this program for every Nursing student!

Katie Feldman
Saint Louis University School of Nursing