The cost for ten weeks is $1250, plus additional fees for parking (typically around $60). Summer conference and guest housing is available in Oak Hall:

  • located on South Campus, building 59 on the campus map
  • Oak Hall is about a 5 minute walk from the South Campus MetroLink Station and the Campus Shuttle picks up at the Provincial House (building 41). 
  • Set up: 4 private sleeping rooms to a suite, with a shared bathroom located en suite. A shared full-use kitchen is located on the first floor. Each sleeping room has a phone outlet, internet access, cable access (no telephones, computers or TVs are provided), micro-fridge unit (combination microwave, freezer and refrigerator), bed, dresser, desk and armoire. If necessary, bed and bath linens can also be provided. Laundry facilities are available on the first floor of the building. A pool is also located on the premises.

If you have any questions regarding guest housing, please let Allyson Bowes, UMSL Conference and Event Services Coordinator, know via email ( or at (314) 516-4399