I don’t go to UMSL, I go to another nursing school.  Can I still apply for the extern program?

  • Yes, It is open to students between their Junior and Senior year at any Nursing School in the country. The criteria is that you need to be scheduled to graduate from Nursing School by May 2016.

Do you do rolling admissions?

  • No, all applications are reviewed after all applications have been received  by the deadline of February 16, 2015.

I just found out about the program and I may not be able to get my application in by February 14th.  Can I still mail it? 

  • No, February 16th is the absolute deadline for applications to be received (not postmarked).  Any applications received after February 16th will not be reviewed.

My school won’t let me use the course as credit, do I have to take it?

  • Yes, the course is required for all students accepted into the extern program. No exceptions, it is part of the program.

Will I get paid for the program?

  • Yes, the 2014 stipend was $4400 for the 10 week program. 

What if my GPA is less than 3.0, can I still apply?

  • If you have a GPA lower than 3.0, you can certainly apply.  However, this is a very competitive program and those with the higher GPAs would get preference.  In 2013, we had 200 applicants for 42 positions.  None of the 42 externs selected had a GPA lower than 3.0.

How much will I need to pay for the course out of pocket?

  • You will be responsible for the tuition costs and fees for the course taken through the University of MO – St. Louis.  If you do not live in Mo- you will be responsible for out of state tuition.

I see that I will get charged for other fees such as for health and student activities.  I will not use these, do I still have to pay them?

  • Yes, these fees are set by the University and are not negotiable

Do you provide Housing?

  • Housing is available through the University.  You would need to arrange and pay for this on campus housing.

What will my schedule be for the 10 weeks?

  • You will be expected to work your mentor’s schedule.  This may include nights, week-ends or Holidays.  

When will I receive my schedule?

  • We will provide you with your mentor contact information in April.  However, your preceptor may not have a complete schedule at this time.

Can I keep my current job and still be in the extern program?

  • We strongly discourage working along with the extern program.  You are expected to work your mentor’s schedule and this can often change at a moment’s notice.  You will not be excused from your extern role because of job      commitments.

Can I take classes while in the extern program?

  • It is very difficult to fit a class schedule around your extern obligations.  Externs cannot take other classes along with this program unless they have no outside commitments (on line classes).  Please do not apply if your nursing program expects you to attend classes and/ or clinicals in the summer.

Will I get my first choices of hospital and unit?

  • Every effort is made to place externs in their preferred hospital and/or unit.  We initially attempt to place externs in their first choice of hospitals.  Next we attempt to give you one of your choices for unit.  Be specific on the application on which units you prefer.  Speak to your choices in your essay.  Extern applications are often reviewed by GPA first.   However, attention is paid also to your essay, your references and how well you describe your goals for the program. 

When will you review the applications?

  • Applications will be reviewed the third week in February.  All applications will be reviewed at the same time.  So it doesn’t matter if you get your application in early or on the last day – February 16th.  

When will we be notified if we have been accepted into the program?

  • Notifications will be sent out by mid March 2015

My application is complete but I don’t have my references from my faculty members yet.  Can I send them separately?

  • No, applications need to be complete to be considered.  Do not send incomplete application packets.

Will you notify me when you get my application?

  • No, we do not notify upon receipt of applications.  You may want to mail it with delivery confirmation.  I have had applications not reach us due to incorrect address and just lost in the mail.

How will I be notified if I have been accepted into the Program?

  • All correspondence will be by email.  It is very important that we have a correct email address. 

How do I know if I am considered an in state student.  My parents live out of state but I have an apartment in Missouri?

  • The University will make the decision on resident and non resident tuition.  If your permanent address is in Missouri or the immediate metro east area you are considered a resident and will get in state tuition.  Otherwise you are considered a non resident.  Your permanent address is the address where you or your parents pay taxes (if you are a still a      dependent you go by your parents’ address). 

Can this extern program help me get a job after I graduate?

  • Yes, many hospitals use an externship as a criteria of hire for some units (like OR, ER, ICU).  Nurse recruiters often give priority in hiring to externs.  However, we cannot guarantee you a job in the facility or unit that you are on as an extern.

Can I apply if I go to an ADN Nursing Program?

  • Unfortunately No, you would not be eligible.  This program is only open to students in BSN programs at this time.