Catholic Newman Center
13-14 Officer Nomination Form
See Role Descriptions Here!

Please carefully read each officer position. You may self-nominate or nominate a friend. If you are nominating someone else, please be sure to include your name.

- You must be an UMSL student for the 2013-2014 school year in order to run for President, Treasurer, or SGA Rep.
- You must submit this form by Friday, March 22 at midnight to be considered.
-You may nominate yourself for more than one posit
ion (based on your interest).

Nominee's Name:



Nominator's Name*:
*(only fill in if you are nominating someone else for a position)

I would like to run for (or nominate someone for):

Vice President
Student Government Association (SGA) Representative
Social Events Coordinator
Service and Justice Coordinator
Outreach Coordinator

Spirituality Coordinator
Liturgy Coordinator
Other: Please Specify

Why are you seeking this position? (Or why do you feel the person you are nominating would excel at this position?)

Why are you qualified for this position? (Or why is the person you are nominating is qualified for this position?)

What are 3 strengths that you (or the person you're nominating) possess?

Any other comments?