Catholic Newman Center
Officer Elections for

Here are the nominees for the 2013-2014 Officers for the Catholic Newman Center:

Please vote only one time. Know we have taken the needs of the community, the gifts and talents of each individual, each person's time and energy availability, and your nominations into consideration. Remember we need everyone and there are other ways people will be contributing next year, such as Great Getaway leader, House Manager, etc. Thank you. If you feel your voice was not heard or have problems, please PLEASE approach Rachelle. She really is not that scary :)


Hannah Wroblewski
"I want to be President because I have been part of Newman for 2 years now: the 1st a member, the 2nd an officer. Now the only next step to take to continue growth is President. I know the ropes of Newman and the people, and feel confident in taking on this exciting role in the community."

Vice President

Tina Ingoldsby
"I am creative, accepting, joyful, and have curly hair :). I was the Outreach Officer this year and and enjoy working with others to reach a common goal."

Kim Berry
"I am seeking this position because I want to give back to the Newman community which has done so much for me in the last year. I also see this position as an opportunity to become involved in the Newman community at a different level than I have already experienced. Finally, I am very interested in the way budgeting and expense tracking works for a non-profit type organization, which would cause me to be engaged in the position."

SGA (Student Government Representative):
Bethany Kehe
"I would like to be more involved on campus, and Newman is one place I feel I would want to work with, in order to help the ministry they do on campus continue to be a success. This is the position I think I would have enough time to do completely, and still be able to be a part of the Newman ministry. Since I have been at Newman, people care. They ask how I am doing, and know who I am. This is the one organization that I would want to be a part of, that I would want to help them continue to make everyone and anyone on campus feel as welcome as I did."

Spirituality Chair
Amanda Fink
"I enjoyed doing Teach Pray and Bible Study this year and would enjoy putting them on next year. I have grown in my faith and feel that I can help others grow in theirs. I am organized and will be able to keep everything together and going."

Liturgy Chair
Alex Suess
"I can bring my strong sense of faith as a leader to Newman. I hope to help others grow in their faith life and better enjoy their college experience. Also, I think that as an officer I would grow in my own faith. I am very compassionate and caring, I will do whatever is best for the community!"

Vanessa Breville
"The reason im seeking Historian is because I enjoy taking pictures and I do scrapbooking In my free time. I like displaying photos In albums or on online to show the great time I had at a family Funtions or events. I able to upload pictures to a computer and use a camera. "

Service and Justice Chair:
Josiah Perkins
"I feel very strongly towards social justice/policy reform and wish to become more involved within the community at the Newman center, UMSL and St. Louis as a whole. I have had past experiences through homeless ministry at my church, as well as a Criminal Justice major with a minor in Social work."

Socials Chairs (2): (can vote for two members)
Hollie Thole
"I want to get more involved with Newman and I think that I would be good at helping old and new members bond. I''m social and I like working with people. Also I''m very organized."

Liz Hampton
"I am seeking this position because I feel as though it would be a good fit for me. I love the social events we have here at the Newman Center and would love to be a part of the reason for those events. I would also like to be more involved with the Newman Center. I am also very organized and will be able to stay on task. I also spend a lot of time at Newman and at the events so why not help plan and organize them?"

Outreach Chair:
Heidi Jo Henggeler
"I feel that I can get people excited about the Newman Center. I am a friendly person. I am passonate about the CNC and I''m fairly certain I could others invested here too."

Member-At-Large (can vote for two members only):
Sophia Meyer
I would like this position because I would like to be more involved but don''t have as much time as a normal officer position requires. I do not go to school at UMSL so it can be hard to make it to the Newman center on a weekly basis. That''s why I think this position would be perfect for me because it would allow me to be involved at a level that I could handle in my schedule."

Jasper Williams
"Coming to the Catholic Newman Center is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Throughout my time at Newman I have always sought ways to give back. I want to be a member-at-large because I believe in the mission of the CNC and I want to support the Newman center in any way that I can. I believe that my talents and my experience serving as an officer this past year will enable me to be a valuable asset to next year's officer team that will empower them better serve the needs of our loving community."

Rebekah Cripe
"I want to be more involved with the Newman Center, and I think taking small role will be the best way to start."

(To ensure that each person is only voting once, please include your name. All ballots are confidential.)