End-of-Year Survey 2012-2013

Please take some time to tell us what you thought of this school year at the CNC!
Please be as detailed as possible!

Forming the Faith Community

Rank 1-5 (1 Strongly Disagree, 3 Neutral, 5 Strongly Agree)

1. The CNC has an effective approach for attracting and involving new students.
2. The CNC uses language that includes and unites people.
3. The Catholic community at my campus welcomes and utilizes the gifts and talents of its members.   
4. The CNC builds a healthy relationship with other faith traditions on campus. 
5. The CNC provides a space for interfaith dialogue and interaction.

6. The CNC encourages participation of everyone without regard to individual differences.
7. The CNC events are promoted and are well known by students on campus.
8. The Newman House provides a welcoming environment and makes me feel comfortable.
9. I am aware and utilize the resources the Newman house offers (food, internet, space, chapel, etc).
10. The welcome events the CNC holds at the beginning of the year welcome back students and attract new students.

Rank each social event on forming community based on your experience from a scale of 1-4.

1= I went and it was great!
2= I went but I wouldn't do it again next year
3= I didnt go but I'd be interested and it sounds fun!
4=I didnt go and I'm not interested.

Fall Semester
11. Welcome BBQ
12. Tie Dye Night
13. Flick and Floats
14. Apples to Apples to Apples
15. Pizza and Ping Pong
16. Game Night
17. Snack N Study (fall and spring)
18. Pumpkin Carving
19. CNC Thanksgiving Potluck
20. Celebration of Lights
21. Stress Relief Night (fall and spring)
22. Christmas Caroling and Party

Spring Semester
23. Welcome Back Dinner and Ping Pong
24. Masquerade Ball
25. Coffeehouse
26. Grouper Troupers
27. Eggstravaganza
28. Skyzone
29. Crazy Bowling
30. Newman Final Dance
31. Final Fling BBQ

32. Ideas for new socials? Other thoughts?

Appropriating the Faith, Forming the Christian Conscience, Facilitating Personal Development

Rank 1-5 (1 Strongly Disagree, 3 Neutral, 5 Strongly Agree)

33. I feel welcome and comfortable when I attend Mass and prayer services at CNC. 
34. The CNC Liturgies enhance my worship of God.
35. The homilies are meaningful and effectively delivered.
36. The worshipping community is welcoming and hospitable.   
37. Materials about Catholic faith, history, and tradition are readily available through the CNC.
38. The CNC offers programs that teach about Catholic faith, history and tradition.
39. The CNC provides opportunities on campus for those who wish to deepen their faith.
40. The CNC is always ready to answer my questions about faith; I can find help from them.   
41. Students have ample opportunities to serve as liturgical ministers on campus. 
42. Materials discussing Catholic theology are made readily available by Newman.
43. The CNC has helped me to approach ethical issues from different points of view.  
44. The CNC encourages me to take personal responsibility for my conduct.   
45. The CNC provides me with a greater understanding of Catholic moral teaching.
46. The CNC provides opportunities to examine issues of faith and morality.
47. The CNC has helped me develop a more informed Christian conscience.
48. I have opportunities to talk with the CNC staff one-on-one.
49. The CNC offers adequate and helpful pastoral counseling.
50. The CNC encourages us to integrate our academic, spiritual and social lives.  
51. The CNC promotes well-rounded learning in students' lives.
52. The CNC provides adequate assistance to those students discerning their life's vocation.
53. Finding a campus minister with whom I can talk about my faith is easy. 
54. The CNC Staff are people who listen well. 
55. The CNC offers an adequate number and variety of retreat opportunities.  

Rank each event on facilitating your faith development based on your experience from a scale of 1-4.

1= I went and it was great!
2= I went but I wouldn't do it again next year
3= I didnt go but I'd be interested and it sounds enriching!
4= I didnt go and I'm not interested.


56. Sunday Mass at 8:30pm
57. Tuesday 5:30pm Mass and Soup
58. All Saints Day Mass on Campus
59. Ash Wed Mass on Campus
60. Adoration (Advent and Easter)
61. Liturgical Ministry Training

62. Feedback on how to improve liturgy? Get more students involved?


63. Great Getaway Retreat    
64. Awakenings Retreat 
65. Into the Deep Retreat
66. Senior Retreat 
67. Busy Person's Retreat 

Spirituality Programs

68. Teach Pray Bridget: Listening to God  
69. Teach Pray Lucy: Rosary
70. Teach Pray Jessica: Music and Journaling 
71. Teach Pray Kristen: Meditation
72. Teach Pray Amanda: Divine Mercy Chaplet

73. Teach Pray Sophia: Latin Mass 

74. What type of prayer would you like to do? Any feedback?

75. St Raymond's Maronite Church  
76. Bible Study (fall and spring)
77. Sitting with the Saints (bathroom literature)
78. Theology on Tap (fall and spring)
Faithful Citizenship
80. Br. John Mark on Clergy Abuse
81. Love and Marriage -Valentine's Day or Ash Wednesday?

82. We want to continue having programs to teach about various topics in our Church. The possibilities are many, so what topics would you like to learn about?

Educating for Justice

Rank 1-5 (1 Strongly Disagree, 3 Neutral, 5 Strongly Agree)

83. The CNC offers an ample number and wide variety of community and volunteer service opportunities.
84. The CNC should support more events to raise social justice awareness on our campus.
85. One can detect a theme of social justice present in all aspects at Newman- liturgy, retreats, etc.
86. The CNC initiates action on behalf of those in oppressive situations.
87. The CNC offers opportunities to study Catholic social thought and subsequently critique culture and society.
88. The CNC supports and promotes civic responsibilities such as voting and recycling.
89. The CNC provides opportunities to encounter others from different cultural, economic & experiential backgrounds.
90. The Newman house helps me to ask and reflect on the big questions of life,such as “What is the purpose of life?” “Why am I alive?” “How can I make the world a better place?”

Rank each service and social justice event on serving others and educating for justice based on your experience from a scale of 1-4.

1= I went and it was great!
2= I went but I wouldn't do it again next year
3= I didnt go but I'd be interested and it sounds fun!
4= I didnt go and I'm not interested.

Days of Service

91.Neighborhood Rake-a-thon
92.The Ville Community Garden (fall and spring)
93. St Vincent de Paul Thrift Store  
94. Haunted Garage 
95. Overnight at Peter and Paul Homeless Shelter
96. Relay for Life
97. Serve Meals at Peter and Paul Community Services
98. MLK Day of Service through UMSL: St. Vincent Greenway  
99. Sun Ministries
100. Welcome Home and Let's Start 
101. Newman Yard Day  
102. St Anthony Food Pantry


103. Pro-Life March in DC with SLU
104. Spring Break Service Trip to Bethlehem Farm

Social Justice Month/Justice Education

105. Social Responsibility Tabling
106. Encounter with Simone Weil Documentary
107. Criminal Justice Tabling
108. Dead Man Walking Movie
109. Soup Lines  
110. Give a Damn Documentary 
111. Shantytown  

112. Justice Cafes

113. We tried to highlight various injustices in our world and how our faith calls us to fight against them. Would you like this to continue next year? If so, what world issues do you want to talk about?

114. More volunteer ideas? Ways to educate on social justice issues?

Developing Leaders

Rank 1-5 (1 Strongly Disagree, 3 Neutral, 5 Strongly Agree)

115. Students' needs are sufficiently considered in CNC programs.
116. Opportunities are available to attend diocesan workshops and activities.
117. The CNC recruits a wide variety of students to help lead campus ministry programs.
118. The CNC actively invites students to use their talents in leadership roles.
119. Students are encouraged to participate in decision-making for the CNC programs.
120. My campus ministers believe in my leadership potential and encourage me in my abilities.
121. Students have adequate leadership roles in as Officers.
122. The CNC provides opportunities for student-directed retreats.
123. The CNC offers adequate leadership development to Officers.

AS OFFICERS, On a scale of 1-4 (4 being the greatest), how would you rank each event on effective leadership development. (Only Officers fill out this section!)

124. Officer's Retreat in the Fall
125. Officer's Meetings
126. Trio/Quad Meetings
127. Refresh Retreat in the Spring


How did you learn about Newman events? What means of advertising is helpful for you to stay informed? On a scale of 1-4, (4 being very useful and 1 being never read/use)

128. Newman News Weekly Email
129. Sunday Night Mass Bulletin
130. CNC Website and Google Calender
131. Calender at Newman (whiteboard in kitchen and hallway)
132. Personal Invitation  


133. What are some major strengths of the CNC? How does Newman help you experience God?

134. What are some of your needs as a student the CNC is not meeting? How can we minister to you better?

Name (optional):

Thanks for helping make the 2012-2013 year so totally awesome with your presence and enthusiasm! We love you!