We are excited to have you as part of our Catholic Newman Center community! This form will not only help us to connect you with activities here that match your specific needs and gifts, but also to keep in touch with you, especially during winter and summer breaks. We can make sure you are on the correct email contact lists for the activities you select.


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Music Ministry: Vocal/Choral
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Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist
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Sacristan (Coordinating, Set-up, Take-Down, Minister training)

Faith Sharing Groups
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Bible Study
Catechesis (Learning more about faith)
Interfaith activities

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Monthly Service Projects
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Social Justice Month (What's this?)
Catholic Social Teaching
Newman Sustainable garden
Post-Graduate Volunteer opportunities

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Retreat Planning
Prayer Group/FaithSharing Group Leader
Bible Study Group Leader
Relay for Life Team Captain (What's this?)
Spring Break Service Trip Leader
Construction and Design (for Neighborhood Haunted House)
Intramural Coordinator [through UM-St. Louis]
Praise and Worship Leader
I want to be in charge of this instead...

Informal/Spontaneous: Movie Nights, Bowling, Ice Skating, Tailgating, Ping Pong, Ice Cream Runs, Camping
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