Credo: Philosophy of Education

The following are some of the basic thoughts I have about education - my

I believe that all people are intelligent
I believe that intelligence shows itself in many ways.
I believe that every person can learn.
I believe everyone can increase his/her ability to learn
I believe organizing skills increase learning efficiency.
I believe efficient learning strategies produce more learning with less time
and effort.
I believe each learner must be responsible for his/her learning and growth.
I believe a learner's 1st task is to learn how to learn more efficiently
I believe a learner must discover which strategies work best for him/her
I believe that a learner who believes that he/she can learn is more likely to
I believe the amount of effort invested in study and attending class is
proportional to the level of success achieved.
I believe the keys to success in learning are:
1. Learn to learn efficiently!
2. Think you can!
3. Work hard!

My Favorite Quote

"Life is the energy that organizes matter into self-portraits."

Everything a person does contributes to the self-portrait (character)
he/she is constructing of himself/herself. Every method a person uses to
accomplish his/her goals is also contributing to the self-portrait he/she is
constructing of himself/herself. In school, it may be by his/her attitude
toward school work, his/her punctuality and attendance, and by the
quantity and quality of work he/she produces for the classes.

Another Quote

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in
having new eyes. -- Marcel Proust

A person's attitude or perspective can encourage or inhibit learning and
growth. The positive attitude which flows from keeping an open mind which
was expressed by Marcel Proust is one that encourages growth and
retards boredom. This is the kind of attitude that helps a geographer
recognize significant patterns and connections.