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Minor in Veterans Studies

The Minor in Veterans’ Studies is a multi-disciplinary program with coursework that focuses and enhances students’ majors to prepare them to work for or with veterans. It is also designed to encourage and enable veteran students to reflect more deeply on their service experiences. This minor includes a foundation course, Introduction to Veterans’ Studies; an introductory course in the psychology of trauma; and a choice between two background courses in military history or foreign policy; two electives; and a capstone.  Electives may be chosen from four areas:

Cultural: exploring perspectives and experiences of veterans through various media

Relational: understanding how veterans relate among various aspects of our society

Institutional: understanding the context and structure of military service and veteran institutions now and in the past

Clinical: establishing effective skills to better serve for, with, and in veteran populations

Minor in Military History / Military Logistics

The Military History/Military Logistics Minor was developed with the help of the Department of History and the College of Business Administration.  The minor requires a student to take 3 core courses: MILSCI 1101, MILSCI 1102 (Introduction to Leadership I and II) and PHIL 1130 (Approaches To Ethics).  Students then focus their final 9 credit hours in either a military history or operations management track.
(This minor is awaiting formal approval from the Faculty Senate)

Major in Veterans Studies

In concert with the Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies program, an exceptional student could “create” his or her own 36-hour interdisciplinary major studying the veteran experience. The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree (B.I.S.) provides a flexible, individualized program of study for the self-directed learner. It is developed by each student with advisement by UMSL professional advisers and faculty, and it is intended for students who have unique educational goals that cannot be met by any other UMSL degree program.