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Summer and Fall 2017 classes are posted here:    You should take one!

The current 3 year class plan is here

-not all courses are offered every semester, check the current class schedule for specific offerings-

MVS 1100 Veterans Transition Seminar (1) This course is designed for the student veteran who is new to UMSL but not eligible for the First Year Experience class. It will survey essential life skills (time management, financial management, physical fitness) and tools for academic success (note-taking, writing, research, oral presentation).  It will familiarize students with the relationship between their education and their career and personal goals. It will also expose students to campus and veteran-specific support services.  Maybe most importantly, this course will provide a venue for veterans to connect with other veterans who are facing a similar transition.

MVS 2000 Selected Topics in Military or Veterans Studies (3) Selected topics in military or veterans studies. The topics will vary each semester. May be taken more than once for credit as long as the topic differs.

MVS 2100 Veterans in America (Introduction to Veterans Studies) (3)  With a focus on the American veteran experience, this survey course will explore basic concepts, ideas and research into veterans and veteran institutions.  In a multidisciplinary manner, we will examine military culture, the unique status of veterans in our society, and veteran institutions.  We will study the successes, challenges and obligations our society faces related to its veteran community.
This course as been approved for UMSL General Education requirements: Communicating Skills [C] and Social and Behavioral Sciences Knowledge Goal [SS].

MVS 2130 Gender and the Military (3) This course examines the treatment of gender difference in the military and  focuses on the complex intersection between military culture and social constructs of gender in the civilian world.

MVS 2200 Examining the Cultural Experiences of Veterans (3)  This course is designed to explore the cultural experiences of veterans. Through discussion, reflection and writing, students will examine the service experience in another culture and then relate those limited interactions within the context of the culture as a whole. For non-western cultural experiences, this course meets UMSL Cultural Diversity [CD] requirement.

MVS 3100 Current Issues in Military and Veterans Studies (1-4)  Selected topics in military or veterans affairs with emphasis on current issues and trends. May be repeated.   

MVS 3300 Veteran Public Policy and Advocacy (3)  This course provides an overview of American public policy towards military veterans and then works to propose more effective veteran policies. The focus of the course will be on understanding the current issues facing veterans. Once that is accomplished we will design new solutions to the current problems. Finally, we will practice effecting change through various written products and presentations.

MVS 3500 Internship in Veterans Studies (1-4):  Independent study involving regular on-site work with an appropriate public or private agency serving the veteran community. A written report reflecting on the experience is required. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours.

MVS 4100 Veterans Studies Capstone Seminar (3):  Prerequisite: MVS 2100, senior standing and consent of the instructor.  Mentored by a faculty member, students in this course will apply insights gained from previous coursework into a substantial Veterans Studies project. Students will work with the instructor and the class to develop a topic, establish a research or project plan, then prepare a project or paper suitable for presentation to the public. Students should expect that their work will be published or presented at an end-of-the-year symposium. This is not an independent study

MVS 4200 Independent Study in Military and Veterans Issues (1-3)  Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Independent study through readings, reports, or field research. No student may take more than a cumulative total of 6 hours of Independent Study.

MVS 6220 Social Policy and Military Veterans (3) This course provides an overview of public policy towards military veterans, with an emphasis on social work. The course focuses on political theory and public policy and reviews the various methodological approaches to studying public policy, the pertinent theories related to public policy analysis, an introduction to military culture and current issues facing veterans. The main focus of the course will be on understanding the current issues facing veterans and how public policy affects these issues.