Museum Studies



The program offers a 39 credit-hour course of study leading to the Master of Arts degree in History (Museum Studies), with a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies.The program is designed to be completed on a full-time basis in two years. For most students this option will be a terminal degree, fully preparing graduates for immediate entry into museum careers in a variety of positions. However, some students interested in curatorial work may elect to pursue the Ph.D. in history after completion of this program.The program comprises a combination of substantive courses in history and intensive training in the theory and practice of museology.

Museum Studies Curriculum - 39 hours total

All candidates for the Master of Arts degree will complete a series of seven courses in museology. These courses will be offered in a prescribed sequence for completion in four consecutive semesters (excluding summer sessions).

Fall Semester, Year One

History 6135: Foundations of Museology I

History 6137: Effective Action in Museums

One three-hour elective History seminar


Winter Semester, Year One

History 6136: Foundations of Museology II

History 6134: History Curatorship

One three-hour elective History seminar


Fall Semester, Year Two

Anthropology 6139: Exhibit Development

Art & Art History 5588: Museum Education and Visitor Research

History 6142: Social and Intellectual History of American Museums


Winter Semester, Year Two

History 6138: Museum Studies Master's Project

Two three-hour elective History seminars