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Displaying Promotional Materials


Displaying Promotional Materials

University sponsored promotional materials such as flyers, banners, etc. must be approved and stamped by the Student Life Office, 366 Millennium Student Center. For further details on advertising and displaying promotional material refer to the OSL handbook:  Read more 


Upon approval of MSC Operations, Open posting kiosks are available on each floor.   These are located at the top of the escalators on the 2nd and 3rd floors and in the Nosh at the bottom of the escalator.  These are the only approved posting areas in the MSC.


Please do not tape, staple, tack or otherwise fasten any materials to the walls, columns, railings, windows, doors, the mantle or hearth of the fireplace in the Fireside Lounge, or any non-designated areas in the building.  Materials placed in unauthorized areas and/or that have not been approved will be removed, and sponsoring organization may lose privileges.


Office Décor

Requests to place semi-permanent folders, plaques, escutcheons, nameplates or other attachments onto office doors should be submitted to the MSC Operations.  The Operations Supervisor will contact Facilities to make arrangements for installations.
Personal items such as pictures and plaques add warmth to office and reception areas.  In order to avoid damage to wires, pipes, and conduits behind walls, the driving of nails or screws into walls should be left to building management.  The same cautions should be taken when considering hanging items from the ceiling.