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Late Night Events & Parties


Any event hosted by a University department or recognized student organization may require University police department (UMSL PD) coverage. Any event after 10 PM and OVER 100 people, no matter the nature of the event, will require UMSL PD security coverage.  Security can only be arranged by UMSL PD. All UMSL PD reservations must be arranged no less than 10 (ten) business days before the event. Reservations are deemed as tentative until an UMSL PD representative/s has been contacted and a security confirmation is given. Notification of UMSL PD for events over 100 people and past 10 PM will be completed by MSC Operations' Administration.  Fees for this security will be assessed and must be prepaid.  Cancellation of the event will forfeit this security fee.

Based upon the type of event and past experience with similar events, UMSL PD will assign the appropriate number of staff to provide security to the function. Due to staff availability, large campus-wide events and previously scheduled activities will take precedence when scheduling security coverage.

It is the responsibility for the sponsoring organization/department, facility representative and UMSL PD representative(s) to promote and encourage a safe and secure environment for all participants.