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Insurance Coverage


Individuals and outside organizations may hold events at the Millennium Student Center provided they:

  • Follow the policy and procedures for reserving/using space
  • Provide a certificate of insurance for the event, minimum General Liability of $1,000,000, additional forms of coverage may be required such as liquor liability along with the event name, date and facility to be used.

2 weeks prior to the event, you must deliver a certificate of insurance to the Millennium Student Center.  The Certificate should be accompanied by a note listing the name of the event, the date of the event, and the location of the event.

If you already have insurance coverage, please have your insurance company send the facility in charge of the space a Certificate of Insurance with the following specifications:

  • You or your company (the facility renter) must be listed as the Insured
  • The Curators of the University of Missouri must be listed as an Additional Insured
  • The Insurer/Producer name and contact information must be on the Certificate
  • The policy start and end date must encompass the entire length of your event
  • The policy must include General Liability coverage of at least $1,000,000; higher limits may be required depending upon the activity.
  • The Certificate of Insurance must provide 30 days’ advance written notice for any modification, change, or cancellation of any component of the insurance coverage.

If you DO NOT have insurance coverage, you may obtain coverage by contacting an agent/broker.  Same specifications as above apply.  The Millennium Student Center suggests using: