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To obtain approval to hold a fund raising activity, a recognized student organization must complete a Fundraising Request Form through Office of Student Involvement.

Procedures for Fundraising in the MSC or JCP

  1. Reserve a space and indicated that the event is for fundraising purposes.  You will have a tentative status until all necessary paperwork has been submitted and approved
  2. Submit the forms and schedule an appointment to discuss the fundraiser procedures with a MSC administrator.  This meeting should occur at least fifteen business days prior to the start of the activity. 
  3. A statement on letterhead from the charity verifying it has been approved as a “non-profit” under Internal Revenue regulation.  If the funds are to be raised to benefit a nonprofit charitable organization. Submit the letter from the non-profit within the specified time period if funds are being donated
  4. Once all paperwork has been approved your reservation status will be confirmed.
  5. This procedure needs to be followed for each set of fundraising events
  6. The MSC and the JCP reserve the right to deny access to any group promoting products or services that are in direct competition with the current interests with these buildings.  The MSC also retains the right to deny access to a group based up the needs and/or best interests of the University of Missouri.