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Calling all students, faculty and staff!

Join UMSL's new initiative and take part in sustaining excellent dining and catering services.

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The purpose of the Food Service Advisory Committee (FSAC) is to present suggestions, concerns and ideas of the larger campus community to the management of the food, vending and beverage service providers (Sodexo, Avendco and Coca Cola). As a participant you will have the opportunity to participate in discussion regarding the resolution (food-related), menu planning, food quality, nutrition, festive meals, cost analysis of meals, sanitation and sustainability issues.

This is our effort to achieve excellence in service to our campus community by developing strong partnerships with our campus food providers. As a committee we will focus on the needs of the residents, commuters, faculty and staff of the University of Missouri-St. Louis. We have tried to include campus representatives that impact all campus populations.

Membership requirements:

The committee will be chaired by the Vice President of SGA and co-chaired by the Manager of Dining Services and the Business Manager of the dining, vending and beverage contracts. This is not a mock committee and every suggestion will be highly valued with the expectation of a resolution.

As a committee member you are not only assigned to bring your own opinions to the group, but at act as an ambassador for those we represent. There are many different groups of people at UMSL that have different likes, dislikes and preferences. Whereas, we cannot satisfy every desire, it is our objective of the FSAC to bring all ideas together and shape the campus food service operations to best service the needs of the university campus.

As a member, you will have the following responsibilities:

As a student, you are required to maintain a 2.5 campus GPA and be able to attend 3/4 meetings in order to apply.


Meeting dates 2015/2016:

October, 15, 2015
November, 12, 2015
December, 4, 2015
February, 18, 2016
March 17, 2016
April, 28, 2016

For more information. please contact:

Kristin Wyninegar
Vice President, SGA
366 Millennium Student Center 314-516-5286