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"I conceive of life review as a naturally occurring, universal mental process characterized by the progressive return to consciousness of past experiences, and, particularly, the resurgence of unresolved conflicts; simultaneously, and normally, these revived experiences and conflicts can be surveyed and reintegrated."

Robert N. Butler, PhD (1963)


Tapestries Model Curriculum


Hyperlinks allowing access to the on-line version of the Curriculum are shown below. It is important to note that all these segments should be viewed in the order presented.


  1. Introduction (Mary Jones, Friendship Village of South County, St. Louis)
  2. What is Life Review? (Tom Meuser, PhD, University of Missouri-St. Louis)
  3. Tapestries in St. Louis & Elizabeth Vega
  4. Overview of Tapestries Model (Elizabeth Vega, Berea College)
  5. Tapestries "Dyad" Example 1 (Lisa & Angela)
  6. Important Concepts in the Tapestries Approach (Elizabeth Vega, Berea College)


  1. Tapestries "Dyad" Example 2 (Augusta & Lisa)
  2. Tapestries "Dyad" Example 3 (Clifton & Carroll)
  3. The Story of Jack
  4. Rena & the Dry Bones
  5. Story Catcher Readings

To view or print out a copy of Powerpoint slides presented during the Tapestries Workshop, click here.

To view or print out a copy of Powerpoint slides entitled "The Power of Story," click here.