Associate Professor of Media Studies.

Since joining the faculty she has worked to build the Media Studies Department and raise the profile of the University locally, nationally, and internationally. In 1995, Csapó-Sweet worked with the CIS to develop an international exchange with the University of Debrecen in Hungary. She wrote a major State Department grant that funded a full year of exchange for 4 UMSL students to study in Hungary. Four students from Hungary and one junior faculty came to UMSL. She continues to develop academic exchange programs with Eastern Europe, most recently with
Bosnia and Croatia.

She has represented UMSL as a founding member of the St. Louis International Film Festival since 1996. Her documentaries have been broadcast both nationally and internationally and she is the faculty advisor for the UMSL Film Production Society.

Dr. Rita M. Csapó-Sweet
University of Missouri-St.Louis
232 Art Administration Building 
phone: 516-6663
youtube channel: