Diego Salazar (B.S., Universidad de Costa Rica): Ph.D. dissertation: Latitudinal patterns of insect herbivores and secondary plant chemistry on Piper.
Christina Baer (B.S., University of Chicago): Ph.D. dissertation: Diversification in shelter-building Lepidoptera of the Neotropics.
Galen Priest (B.S., College of Wooster): Ph.D. dissertation: Interactions among stem-boring beetles, ants, and insect herbivores on Brazilian cerrado trees.
Vona Kuczynska  (B.S., Rutgers University):  Research: Impacts of invasive plant species on bat foraging.
Charles Davis (B.S., University of Missouri-St. Louis): M.S. thesis: Leaf-rolling caterpillars, plant architecture, and parasitism.
Undergraduate Students
Rachel Hosna (B.S. major, University of Missouri-St. Louis):  Honors thesis: Host-use patterns in oak galling insects.
Pagi Toko (B.S. and M.S., University of Papua New Guinea): Ph.D. dissertation:  Biogeography of plant-Lepidoptera interactions.
Masters Students
Doctoral Students
Current Students
Daniel O’Brien  (B.S., University of Missouri-St. Louis): M.S. thesis: Barcoding to uncover hidden Lepidoptera species on Missouri oaks.
Kirk Barnett (B.S., University of  Missouri-St. Louis): M.S. thesis: Effects of host quality and parasitism on use of Quercus by leaftying caterpillars.