Fall 2007:

P4331 - Introduction to quantum mechanics
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Course text: "Quantum Physics," 3rd edition, by Stephen Gasiorowicz

Supplementary texts:
Syllabus: (tentative)
  1. the limits of classical physics
  2. wave packets and uncertainty relations
  3. the Schroedinger equation
  4. eigenfunctions and eigenvalues
  5. spin one particles
  6. the general structure of wave mechanics
  7. dirac notation
  8. two state systems
  9. the ammonia maser
  10. angular momentum
  11. the hydrogen atom
  12. the independent particle approximation
  13. electron waves in solids -- band structure
  14. scattering from 1D potentials
  15. the harmonic oscillator I
  16. the harmonic oscillator II
  17. time independent perturbation theory

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