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Library Selectors

Library Selectors are contacts for UMSL's academic departments.  Each selector works with department liaisons to coordinate book purchases and journal subscriptions.  If you have any questions, contact Tim Nelson, Collection Development & Acquisitions Librarian, at 516-5080 or

Frequently Asked Questions About the Current Serials Cut
Field      Selector      Department Liaison
Anthropology Chris Niemeyer Patti Wright
Art/BFA Clinton Berry Susan Waller
Biology Mary Zettwoch Aimee Dunlap
Business Tim Nelson Vicki Sauter
Chemistry Chris Dames James Chickos
Communication & Media Studies Karen Robinson Stephanie Van Stee
Criminology Lindsay Schmitz T.J. Taylor
Economics Tim Nelson Anne Winkler
Education Karen Robinson Education Sciences and Professional Program (Counseling & Family Therapy, Educational Leadership & Policy, and Educational Psychology, Research & Evaluation)
 • Donald Gouwens

Educator Preparation, Innovation and Research (Teacher Education, Character Education, and Social Justice)
 • Nancy Singer
Gender Studies Chris Niemeyer Kathleen Nigro
Gerontology Lena Marvin Tom Meuser
Government Documents Lindsay Schmitz n/a
Greek Studies Chris Daniel n/a
History Lindsay Schmitz Kevin Ferlund
Languages and Cultures Chris Daniel
Chris Niemeyer
Birgit Noll
Library Science Karen Robinson Karen Robinson
Literature Chris Daniel Francis Grady
Mathematics/Computer Science Chris Dames Cezary Janikow
Music (& Dance) Raleigh Muns Julia Sakharova
Nursing Tim Nelson Melissa Ehmke
Optometry Tim Nelson Ralph Garzia
Philosophy Lena Marvin Jon McGinnis
Physics/Astronomy Chris Dames Phil Fraundorf
Political Science Chris Niemeyer Adriano Udani
Psychology Raleigh Muns Therese Macan
Public Policy Chris Niemeyer Adriano Udani
Reference Clinton Berry n/a
Science, General Mary Zettwoch n/a
Social Work Tim Nelson Sha-Lai Williams
Sociology Raleigh Muns Chikako Usui
Theatre Karen Robinson TBD