The Ward E. Barnes Library has closed.

Please refer to the "Welcome to Thomas Jefferson Library" page for more information.

Update - MERLIN & MOBIUS Loans:

After May 4, 2014, you will no longer be able to choose the Ward E. Barnes Library as a delivery location for MERLIN/MOBIUS pickup when making new requests.  Please use the Thomas Jefferson Library instead for requests placed after May 4.  Items already in process can be still picked up at Barnes until May 14th.

Ward E. Barnes Library Moving to North Campus

Ward E. Barnes Library

Almost 40 years ago the Education Library facility on the UMSL South Campus was filled with education-related materials from the Thomas Jefferson Library (TJL) building. In 1988 the Education Library was dedicated and named in honor of Ward E. Barnes, who was instrumental in helping to found UMSL. Ten years later, the Health Sciences Library merged with the Barnes Library to form the current configuration. At the close of the Spring 2014 semester the materials from the Ward E. Barnes Library will be coming back to TJL as part of a repurposing of space on the South Campus.

All Barnes Library personnel will be moving over to TJL along with the Education, Nursing and Optometry collections. It is anticipated the move will begin at the end of the Spring 2014 semester in May and be completed by the end of Summer.

In preparation for the merger, staff members at both libraries have been evaluating the collections to identify lesser used items which can be sent to the University of Missouri Libraries Depository (UMLD) in Columbia, MO, or moved to the UMSL Libraries’ new local storage area located in the UMSL-ITE building* on Natural Bridge Road not far from the UMSL North Campus.

Beginning in mid-May, books targeted to return to TJL will be integrated by call number with the materials on TJ Levels 1 & 4. Barnes journals will be merged with the TJ periodicals on Level 5. Special collections such as the Juvenile and Textbook Collections will be kept as discrete collections and shelved in their own designated areas. Reserve items will be merged with the TJ Reserve materials on Level 3.

If you have questions about the move, please contact Paul Sharpe (7993).

*Items relocated to the UMSL-ITE building will be available via a new retrieval service which will be initiated once the consolidation is completed.

Staff of Ward E. Barnes Library

Frequently Asked Questions

When will this happen?
The library operations in the Ward E. Barnes Building will cease on May 17, 2014 (the end of the Spring semester).

What will happen to the building?
The building’s space that is currently used for Ward E. Barnes library operations will be devoted to the College of Education so that its faculty and staff can be concentrated in South Campus buildings.

Why is this happening?
Due to UMSL’s fiscal pressures and campus space priorities, space must be used more efficiently.

What will happen to all the books, journals and staff at the Ward E. Barnes library?
Based on usage, books and other materials will be moved to the Thomas Jefferson Library or to off-site storage. All course reserve items will be relocated to Thomas Jefferson Library on May 17. Other unique collections will be moved to Thomas Jefferson Library during the following week.  Items borrowed through MERLIN and MOBIUS can be picked up at or returned to the Thomas Jefferson Library.  Library personnel from the Ward E. Barnes library will also move to the Thomas Jefferson library.

How was this decision made?
To obtain input and achieve shared governance, on October 14, 2013, the University Libraries Committee discussed and recognized the necessity of the plan. The Provost’s Council discussed and supported the plan on October 2, 2013.

Is there an opportunity for student input?
A discussion session with students was held in the Provincial House Museum (room N101) at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 6, 2013.  The Current ran a story on the meeting in their November 11, 2013 issue (Vol. 47, Issue 1423).

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.