If you cannot locate what you need, please ask a librarian for assistance.

  • Book Drops:

    Book drops for your convenience are available outside the Thomas Jefferson and on the South Campus near Parking Lot XX (outside the former Ward E. Barnes Library location).
  • Café TJ

    Café TJ, in the Thomas Jefferson Library, offers a full range of Starbuck’s coffees plus snacks, sandwiches and wraps prepared by Sodexo. Usual hours will be 7:30am – 7pm, Monday-Thursday, 7:30am-2pm Friday, 10am-3pm Saturday, and 12pm-5pm Sunday, with abbreviated hours during breaks and the summer session. Re-fuel with coffee and snacks and relax with your friends -- Café TJ is here for you! More information is available at Sodexo's web site: Café TJ

    When food service is not available, the café area remains open during regular library hours with soda and snack vending machines, a TV, and power plugs available for use.
  • Circulation Desk

    The circulation desk (located just inside the entrance) is where you can check out books, laptops, reserve items, MERLIN/MOBIUS or Interlibrary Loan books, etc. and speak to someone about overdue or lost/damaged items.  Interlibrary Loan is also located behind the Circulation Desk if you need to talk to one of the ILL staff members about a request.
  • Charging Stand

    Located in the Library Research Commons, the charging stand has adapters for many phones and tablets. Please keep an eye on your device while it is charging.
  • Computer Lab

    see Library Research Commons
  • Copiers & Scanners

    The Libraries have several options for scanning and copying materials for your research.
    • A copier is available for a fee ($0.10 per copy for black & white and $0.20 per copy for color).  The copier accepts both bills and change.
    • Bookeye scanners are available for free and are located on Level 3 in the Library Resource Commons and on Level 5 by the CPM Desk.  You can either email your scans or save them to a flash/thumb drive.  For large (or color) scans, a flash/thumb drive is recommended.
    • The St. Louis Mercantile Library has its own amenities.  Please contact them directly for details.
  • Elevators

    Elevators are available at the Thomas Jefferson and St. Louis Mercantile Libraries.
  • Floor Plans

    Please click here to view the floor plans for the Libraries.
  • Hours

    The operating hours of the University Libraries change throughout the year.  For current information, refer to the Hours page, or contact us.
  • Laptops

    Laptops may be checked out at the Circulation Desk on the main floor (third level). A limited number of laptops are available for a two-hour, in-library checkout to current University of Missouri - St. Louis students.
  • Library Instruction Room #315

    The Library Instruction Room #315 is located in the Thomas Jefferson Library. The libraries offer Library Instruction sessions to University of Missouri-St. Louis students.
    Additional information on Library Instruction sessions
  • Library Research Commons (LRC)

    The LRC computing lab is managed by UMSL's Instructional Support Services department (part of Information Techology Services).  They are available to faculty, staff, students, and other authorized users. The LRC is staffed by Support consultants who can help with basic computer issues and answer questions about the lab's hardware and software.
    • Printing is only available within the LRCs (not at computers in the lobby areas).
    • If you need color printing, please speak to the lab's ITS consultant at the desk.
    • Users must log in using their SSO ID. Please refer to UMSL's Instructional Support Services site for additional policies and information.
    • The Library Research Commons close 30 minutes before the libraries close.  For more details, see the hours page.
    For questions about library resources (books, articles, databases, etc.) and their use, please request assistance from a Reference Librarian.
  • Lost and Found

    The Thomas Jefferson Library maintains a lost and found container at the Circulation Desk. Lost items are held for a short period and then sent to the Lost and Found Center (Information Desk) in the Millennium Student Center. Wallets, purses, cell phones, car keys and other items of significant value are immediately given to campus police.  The LRC Computer Lab also collects items lost within the lab area (check with the lab consultant if you think you might have left something in one of the labs).
  • Mercantile Library

    The St. Louis Mercantile Library is located on the second floor of the Thomas Jefferson Library building. Please visit their site for additional information: St. Louis Mercantile Library
  • Posting Materials

    Patrons may request that flyers, handouts, or other printed materials be displayed in the Libraries. The Libraries' Administrative Office will approve materials prior to posting.  Unapproved materials will be immediately removed.

  • Printers

    Printing is available in the Library Research Commons only. Please ask a lab consultant for assistance. Additional information and policies are available at the Instructional Support Services page.
  • Restrooms

    Restrooms are located on every floor of the Thomas Jefferson and St. Louis Mercantile Library. The restrooms on levels 1 and 3 (entry level) are wheelchair accessible.  On levels 3, 4, and 5 they are located along the front (south) wall of the library.  For restrooms on levels 1 and 2, please see the floor plans.
  • Study Areas

    • Levels 1 & 2 are Quiet Floors. Conversations should be kept to a whisper and in smaller groups.
      Amenities: Large and small tables, some study carrels.
    • Level 3 is the entry level and also has a few tables alongside the LRC. Conversations can and will happen, but please be courteous of others. If you enjoy a quieter area, please try another floor.
      Amenities: Medium tables. Café TJ can also be used for studying whenever the library is open.
    • Level 4 has been designated a Silent Floor, reserved for individual study only. No talking, please.
      Amenities: Study carrels, medium tables.
    • Level 5 is a Group Study Floor, with rooms and spaces where groups can study together quietly.
      Amenities: Study carrels, medium tables, study rooms.
  • Study Rooms

    There are ten study rooms & one video room on Level 5 which are available for student use. Study rooms are available for University of Missouri-St. Louis students only. Keys to the study rooms may be checked out at the Current Periodicals Desk (Level 5), with a valid UM-St. Louis ID card, for a 2-hour period and are checked out on a first come, first served basis. To reserve a study room for later today, go to our reservation page.  Study Rooms are available 30 minutes after the Library opens and close 30 minutes before the Library's posted closing time.
    • 2 large study rooms (7-10 persons)
    • 2 medium study rooms (4-6 persons)
    • 6 small study rooms (1-3 persons)
    • 1 video room (see below) (1 person)
    Use of the study rooms is subject to the current Study Room Policies
  • Telephones

    Red phones are located throughout the libraries for on-campus calls (using four-digit campus extensions). A phone for local calls is located on the second floor near the elevators.
  • Video and Media Equipment

    Thomas Jefferson Library has a media room on Level 5 with a TV and players for DVD & CD discs.  The room is reserved for use by University of Missouri-St. Louis students, faculty and staff only. A key to the room may be checked-out at the Current Periodicals/Microform desk with a valid UMSL ID card, for a two-hour period. The room is checked out on a first come, first served basis. Use of the media room is subject to the current Study Room Policies.
  • Water fountains

    Water fountains are located near the elevators on all levels of the Thomas Jefferson and Mercantile Libraries.