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These are just a few of the dictionaries available on the Internet. On your Do a search for more in your own field of study.

Rhyming Dictionary

Free Online Computing Dictionary

CancerWeb's Online Medical Dictionary

Dictionary of Science and Technology

Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names


Access to most encyclopedias on the Internet are by subscription only. Almost all of these allow a free trial period, so you can try them before you pay for them. Not a bad idea to shop around. A few speciality encyclopedias exist that might be useful. (subscription) (subscription)

Columbia Encyclopedia

Grolier Online


Encyclopedia Smithsonian

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (subscription)

The Encyclopedia Mythica

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Information Technology Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Psychology

Encyclopedia of Education Statistics

Medical Encyclopedia

The Catholic Encyclopedia

Citing Sources


MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources, by Janice R. Walker

APA Style Guide will show you the latest practices for citing online sources.



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