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   As a rhetorical delivery medium, the WWW has unique advantages that make it useful: graphics, sound, and animation capabilities. With these elements, the WWW can stimulate interest and excitement at various sensory levels simultaneously, and deliver a message (or cacophony of messages) in the process.
   This makes the Web a powerful rhetorical medium and forces us to ask the questions: How can graphics, sound, and animation help me get my point across? What will these elements mean to my viewer? How will these meanings impact my communication?
   Below are some links to graphics sites where you can find photo and art gallaries, clip art, utilities, and more. Some of these sites are commercial services. Choose your graphics carefully. Legally and ethically, you may use only graphics that you own, graphics that are placed by the owner at a site clearly labeled "public domain," or graphics for which you receive written permission from the owner to use.
   If you plan to use photos, you'll need to reduce their colors and file size to make them easy and quick to load. Check out the link to Sean Stockburger's Inline Images for tips.
   Wide Area Communications' site covers details about Creating Web Graphics of all kinds. Check it out.

Photo Galleries

Clip Art and Web Graphics

Photoshop Resources


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