Instructor: Dr. Kailash Joshi

Office: 215 CCB

Tel: 516-6123 E-mail:

Office Hours: 5.00 - 6.00 PM Monday, Tuesday

Text: 1. Information Technology - Strategic Decision Making for Managers by Henry. C. Lucas, Wiley, 2005. Book's Website

Description: The Netcentric organization is the model of the future. Technology enables firms to offer new products, create new customer channels, and dramatically improve the efficiency of their supply chains. The purpose of this course is to introduce the key issues in managing information technology; and to stress managementís role in creating the Netcentric firm. In addition, the course will provide an overview of key information technologies in use today and how they support a variety operational, tactical, and strategic decisions in a firm. We cover five major topic areas including IT and its relationship to corporate strategy, technology itself, the value and return from IT investments, the major functional applications of technology, and organization transformation with IT.

The class will be conducted in a seminar format. Each student will be assigned a topic to present. The grading will be based of the following scheme.

1. In class presentation and discussion 10%
2. Course Paper 50%
3. Final Examination 40%

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