INFSYS5800 Syllabus

University of Missouri St. Louis

Master of Business Administration

Summer 2018


Course No.: INFSYS5800/PPA6800. Management of Information Systems (MIS)

Course Hours: Specified Saturdays Please see Canvas for Details

Classroom: ESH005

Office Hours: TR 5PM to 6PM, as well as after the class

Instructor: Kailash Joshi, PhD, Professor, Management Information Systems

Email: joshi at

Office: 314-516-6123


Course Description: Information systems principles applied to business. Analysis of how information systems support operational, tactical, and planning decisions.


Course Outline: This course is about information systems as a business issue. Information systems are a combination of technology, business processes, and people. Effectively managed, information systems can be instrumental in creating business value. The key is developing an understanding of what it takes to identify, create, implement and use information systems balancing the demands of technology, process and people to support specific strategic objectives and operational performance demands.


The course objectives are:


1.     Understand how information systems support operational, tactical, and strategic decisions.

2.     Understand how information technology supports competitive strategy.

3.     Understand IT infrastructure as the foundation for building and re-engineering business processes.

4.     Understand the business justification for adopting enterprise systems (ERP) as a basis for adopting integrated information systems and data.

5.     Understand the role of management of information systems development, including project management.

6.     Participate in a systems evaluation and acquisition exercise in response to an RFP.

7.     Understand enterprise architecture and IT infrastructure.

8.     Recognize the evolution of eBusiness and eMarkets.

9.     Understand project management best practices for time, scope, risk, and cost management.

10.  Identify ethical and security issues related to the use of information systems.

11.  Use hands-on exercises for decision support applications.


Course Resources:


1. Book: Managing and Using Information Systems, 6th edition, by Pearlson, Saunders & Galletta, Wiley.

2. W3 Schools for SQL

3. Learning Tableau 10 by Milligan- Packt Publishing PDF available from publisher online

4. Materials on Canvas