Instructor: Dr. Kailash Joshi

Office: 207 CCB

Tel: 516-6123 E-mail: joshi from your usml account.

Office Hours: 6.00 - 6.55PM; T

Text: 1. Modern Systems Analysis and Design - Hoffer, George, and Valacich: Prentice Hall

Description: This course provides an opportunity to integrate the skills and concepts learned in systems analysis, database design, and programming courses to design and develop a working model of an information system. Students will be assigned 10 to 12 milestones for designing systems for a given application environment. Each milestone will involve a detailed presentation in the class and a professional quality written report. Students will be required to work in groups.

Grading: The following grading scheme will apply.

Assignments: 45%

Exam: 45%

Class Participation: 10%

The course uses problem based learning (PBL). It provides an opportunity to integrate knowledge acquired in previous MIS classes to analyze and design a work system to solve business problems in an organization.  For the project students would submit a detailed report on each design milestone.

1. All written reports must be of professional quality. Only typewritten and suitably bound reports will be accepted. The reports must be turned in on the due date before any presentations are made. After a presentation has been made by one of the teams, no points will be given for a late report. However, reports for all milestones must be turned in even if zero points are assigned for being late. If any report is not completed by a group, an automatic failing grade will be assigned. If any group fails to make a scheduled presentation at any time during the semester, an automatic failing grade will be assigned to all members of the group, with the exception that a withdrawn grade may be permitted in the first four weeks.

2. Initially students will receive the same grade as their team. At the end of the semester students will be asked to provide feedback on the effort put in by other members of their team. This feedback will be used to reduce the points assigned to a student, if her/his effort is reported to be less than 100%. However, there would be no upward revision in the grade assigned to a student.

·        Policies about attendance, late work, missed deadlines and tests, make-up opportunities, delayed grades.


·          Your success in this course is important to me. Be present in the class and feel free to ask for help. Keep up with the material covered in the class.



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