IS6845: DataBase Management Systems

For information only.  Please see Canvas for the detailed course syllabus and policies for enrolled students. 


Instructor : Dr. Kailash Joshi

Office : ESH 207

Students in class contact via Canvas only

contactmail joshi using umsl dot edu

Telephone : 314-516-6123

Please refer to Canvas for office hours and class schedule and Myview for class room and timing

Required Textbooks

1. Database Management Systems by Coronel, Morris, and Rob, Course Technology (10th or 11th or 12th edition, or newer edition)

2. A Guide to SQL by Pratt, Course Technology (9th edition is adequate, or use newer edition)

Course Description

This course introduces the concepts of database management for business applications. The course covers issues in database architecture, database design, administration and implementation. With increasing emphasis on building integrated systems based on unified information architecture, information modeling and database development have emerged as the most important activities in information systems development. Database modeling has also become the central unifying activity in all contemporary systems analysis and design methodologies. Besides fundamentals of database systems and data modeling, students will also learn SQL to access databases on an Oracle platform.  Concepts of functions, procedures, triggers, cursers, and PL/SQL programming language are also briefly reviewed.



In additions to the course work, students will carry out various projects. Two projects involve conceptual database design. Other projects involve setting up a database and using SQL query facility in an Oracle DBMS environment. The use of packages is designed to illustrate the concepts discussed in the text book. Due dates for each project will be announced in the class. There will be a penalty up to 100% for late submission. Students are required to work in groups for project assignments.



The marks will be posted on Canvas grade sheets.  Please keep track.  If any grades are missing for submitted work, please contact the instructor within one week after the graded assignments are returned. It is not possible to investigate any missing grades later on, particularly when the final grades have been turned in.  The final grade will be based on the weighted average of marks obtained in various tests and assignments. The weights will be assigned as follows: