DataBase Management Systems (IS 3845)


Instructor : Dr. Kailash Joshi

Office : ESH 207

Office Hours: 1 - 2 PM  & 6 – 7 PM T

contactmail joshi using umsl dot edu

Required Text Books

1. Database Systems by Coronel, Morris, Rob: Course Technology (10th or 11th or 12th edition)

2. A Guide to SQL by Philip J. Pratt, Thomson Course Technology (8th or 9th Edition).

Course Description

INFSYS 3845 Database Management Systems (3)

Prerequisites: Please refer the course catalog. This course provides an introduction to the design and use of databases in meeting business information needs. Topics include database planning, conceptual design, and data administration. The concepts are studied with projects involving the use of a current database management system.

This course introduces the concepts of database management for business applications. The course covers issues in Database Architecture, Database Design, and Implementation. With increasing emphasis on building integrated systems based on unified information architecture, information modeling and database development have emerged as the most important activities in information systems development. Database modeling has also become the central unifying activity in all contemporary systems analysis and design methodologies.   Besides fundamentals of database systems and data modeling, students will also learn SQL to access databases on an Oracle platform.


In additions to the course work, students will carry out various projects. The two graded projects involve database design and setting up a database and using SQL query facility in an Oracle DBMS environment. The use of packages is designed to illustrate the concepts discussed in the text book. Due dates for each project will be announced in the class. There will be a penalty of up to 100% for late submission, especially after the solution is presented in the class. Students are required to work in groups for some project assignments.


The final grade will be based on the weighted average of marks obtained on the basis of evaluation of examinations, assignments, and journals. The weights will be assigned as follows:


Total Points

Examinations - Two


Assignments - Four


Journals - Two


Standard letter grading scale will be used for the course grade.  Any grade indication for midterm is only tentative; final grade will depend on the overall performance. There would be two exams: Exam 1 and Exam 2, each worth 20% of the course grade, and four assignments each worth 12.5% of the grade. Students are also required to turn in four journals as per the schedule for 10% of the grade. For the due dates, please refer to the schedule.  Assignment and Journal requirements are posted on my gateway. Students who miss an examination without prior accommodation may be assigned zero marks. Late submissions of assignments and journals also get zero marks -- as we generally discuss the solution on the due date.

All examinations are closed book and closed to any study aids.


For the course schedule please see mygateway


 The class will use problem based learning (PBL) approach. Students should read the assigned chapters in advance and be prepared to participate actively in the class. The power point transparencies for the Coronel & Rob and Pratt book chapters covered are available on mygateway. 


·        Policies about attendance, late work, missed deadlines and tests, make-up opportunities, delayed grades.


·          Your success in this course is important to me. Be present in the class and feel free to ask for help. Keep up with the material covered in the class.



·        Expectations for submitting required work:




·        Academic Honesty:




·        Civility:


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