Jake Leventhal
Some old pictures from (mostly) my professional life

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Four years wearing a "Jim Thorpe" leather helmet - explains a lot (early 50's).

Excerpted from the program of the 10th Soldan High School Reunion.

Note the formality of the descriptions of the early careers
of classmates... until they reach me.

As chairman, meeting a budget cut circa 1980.

Somebody stole the desk chair from the laboratory. Ya gotta publish
papers though so you use what you've got.

Apparatuses in the laboratory.

Dan Kelley - long time friend, colleague and co-author
going back to our postdoc years.

Charlie Burkhardt taking data.

Charlie Burkhardt casually (and confidently)
defending his dissertation research.

Marco Ciocca surveying the apparatus
he built for his PhD research.

Tyrone Daulton working on our apparatus at Brookhaven National Laboratory
where we used the uv radiation provided by the National Synchrotron Light Source.

Professor Herzberg received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1971
"for his contributions to the knowledge of electronic structure
and geometry of molecules, particularly free radicals."

In Pisa Marina (near Pisa) Circa 1990.
Left to Right in the picture.
Ennio Arimondo: Professor of Physics - University of Pisa.
Naseem Rahman: Professor of Chemistry - University of Trieste.
Marco Ciocca: (1990) Graduate student UMSL/Washington U.
                          (Currently) Professor of Physics Eastern Kentucky University.
Maria Allegrini (Mrs. Arimondo): Professor of Physics - University of Pisa.

Fruits de Mer Platter at Montparnasse, Paris.
Ennio doesn't eat seafood. This is just a photo-op for him.
He is waiting for me to take his place and share the Fruits de Mer with Maria.

Dinner at Luigi Moi's home in Pisa - early 1990's.

Maria and Jake - at Luigi's home.

Maria and Ennio Arimondo in Boulder - 2013.

Reunion in Pisa - November, 2017.
L to R: Ennio Arimondo, Maria Allegrini (Arimondo), JJL, Silvia Gozzini.

In Florence for gifts to bring back to St. Louis - 1980's.

Somewhere on the coast of Italy.

On the shelves of the library at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa.

The Arimondos, Maria, Paola and Ennio, with
Bette and Dan Leventhal, in St. Louis - 1980's.

Rome - The meeting was not held at this particular site, although at times ...

Another grueling meeting, this one on the Isle of Capri.

A lot of fresh fruit at this meeting in Cocoyoc, Mexico.
Keeps you regular...and then some.

Fixing the taxi in the mountains on the way from
Cocoyoc to the airport in Mexico City.
L to R: Roy Champion, JJL, Taxi driver.
Dick Porter snapped the pic.

Digesting new scientic ideas between sessions
at a meeting at an unknown location.
To clarify, I knew where I was at the time.

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