If you attended a college or university outside of the US, you may be eligible for undergraduate transfer credit. Follow the steps below in order to have your foreign coursework reviewed for credit at UMSL.

 International  Undergrad Transfer Credit Steps

STEP 1 – Apply for undergraduate admission

The transfer credit process can only be initiated for students who have been admitted to UMSL. Prospective international students can apply here.  US Citizens or Permanent Residents with foreign coursework should apply through the Office of Admissions, but have their foreign credentials sent to International Student & Scholar Services.

STEP 2 – Submit course descriptions and final, official transcripts

Evaluations can only be done based on an official, final transcript. Students who were enrolled at another university at the time they applied to UMSL will need to submit a final transcript once all grades are posted.  If a degree or credential was conferred, the degree certificate(s) may also be required.

Official, course descriptions in English are required for this process.  Course descriptions are needed for each class under review.  In order to be considered official, course descriptions must be:




NOTE: Documentation that is submitted as a part of the transfer credit process becomes a permanent part of the student's academic file. Original documents cannot be returned.

STEP 3 – Transfer credit evaluation

Academic Departments & Faculty Members Review Courses for Transfer Credit
The transfer credit evaluation can begin after [A] you have been admitted and have [B] submitted official course descriptions and final, official transcripts. The International Academic Advisor then forwards the course descriptions to the appropriate department for review.  Please note that courses are evaluated by individual faculty members.  The evaluation process can be time consuming and may take 2+ months to complete.

Students Track the Progress of their Transfer Using MyView or DARS
Students are responsible for monitoring the progress of their International Transfer Credit.  You may track the progress of your transfer credit using MyView, but we recommend running a Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) report.  The DARS report will show where transfer work has been applied toward your degree requirements. You can view and print your own DARS report using the My DARS Report link in the Academic Toolbox on your MyGateway page or by visiting https://cf.umsl.edu/webapps/ITS/Student/Dars/login.cfm
If you need help generating or interpreting the report, click on the "Help" link located at the right hand side of the top of the Audit menu page. Should you need further information, visit the DARS website

Admitted students can meet with an academic advisor in your department to register for classes, even if your transfer credit is still in progress. The advisors will be able to help you select suitable courses that will allow you to make progress towards your degree while you wait for your transfer credit to be evaluated.

Transfer Credit Complete

Grades of D or better earned in college-level work at an accredited or approved institution of higher education should receive full credit when transferred to UMSL. The University, however, will treat all grades in courses attempted on the same basis as those of an UMSL student. For example, if a program requires an UMSL student to repeat a specified course having earned a D grade, a transfer student will also be required to repeat the same course if it carries a D grade.  Incomplete or failed courses cannot be considered for credit.

It is important to note that college-level credit has the potential to transfer to the University of Missouri - St Louis in one of four ways:

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