International Student and Scholar Services

Post-Completion OPT Reporting Forms


Federal Regulations require F-1 students on post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) to report the following information within 10 days of the change: 1) any change in your local address and legal name; 2) name and address of current employer; 3) any change in employment status. Students who are leaving the U.S. before the end of their post-completion OPT must also report their permanent departure from the U.S.

The regulations also require students on the 17-month STEM Extension and their employers to report certain information to the Office of International Student & Scholar Services.
The reporting requirements are valid for the duration of the post-completion OPT period (including any OPT extensions). Please use the electronic forms below to report the necessary changes and information to us. As required by federal regulations, we will report the information in the SEVIS system to ensure that your SEVIS record remains current and up to date.

The table below provides links to the forms as well as additional information to assist you in selecting the appropriate form.


Form Who should use this form When to use this form What else should you do or know
Update your local address Students who are on post-completion OPT who have had a change in their local address Students must report the new address to ISSS within 10 calendar days of the change.
Report new employment Students on post-completion OPT who have received a job offer or have begun a new job If you were looking for work and have started your first post-completion OPT employment, you need to use this form.

If you change jobs within a company, this form can be used to report that information as well.
Keep documentation on all of your jobs and changes to your employment (job offer letters, position re-classification letters, notice of resignation, etc.)

If you begin working but do not report it, your SEVIS record will reflect that you are unemployed. ISSS can still report your information after the required reporting timeline (10 days), but there may be consequences (outside of ISSS control) for late reporting.

You are responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of what you report. You should be aware that Immigration and Customs Enforcement may follow up on the information reflected in your SEVIS record.
Update your employment status Students who have recently become unemployed Students must report any change in their employment status within 10 days of the change. If you were working and that job has ended, you need to use this form to report the end of your previous job. Be sure to keep records of every job you hold while on post-completion OPT. It is recommended that students request an employment verification letter upon leaving each employer. This letter should confirm the start date and end date of your employment, the rate of pay and the number of hours worked per week.
Update your employer information Students who are currently employed on post-completion OPT Students must report any changes in their employer's information. If the company name, or address changes, use this form to report that information. Keep documentation for your records of any changes in your employer's information.
Report a permanent departure from the U.S. Students who have decided to leave the U.S. before the end of their post-completion OPT. Submit this form upon your return to your home country or your final destination outside of the U.S. If you are leaving to avoid exceeding your allowed days of unemployment, submit this form once your travel arrangements have been finalized. Keep a copy of your flight itinerary, ticket receipt and boarding pass for your records.
STEM 6-month Validation Report Students who have been approved for the 17-month STEM extension of their OPT. Complete this form within 10 days of the reporting due date listed on the reporting sheet you received with your confirmation materials. This report will be due twice during your OPT extension. This report must be timely submitted. SEVIS is set to auto-terminate the SEVIS record of STEM extension students within a certain number of days beyond the reporting due date. This termination would end any unused OPT extension time.
STEM Employer Notification Employers of students on a 17-month OPT extension that was recommended by the University of Missouri-St. Louis The federal regulations require employers of STEM extension students to report the termination, voluntary departure or abandonment of employment within 48 hours of the event. By your signature on the STEM Extension Employer Verification form, you agreed to the federal reporting requirements that apply to employers of STEM extension students.

A worker is considered to have 'departed' when (1) the employer knows the student has left the employment, or (2) if the student has not reported for work for a period of 5 consecutive business days without the consent of the employer, whichever occurs earlier.