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Post-Completion OPT Reporting Forms


Federal Regulations require F-1 students on post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) to report the following information within 10 days of the change: 1) any change in your local address and legal name; 2) name and address of current employer; 3) any change in employment status; 4) permanent departure from the U.S.

This reporting requirement is valid for the duration of the post-completion OPT period. Please use the electronic forms below to report the necessary changes and information to us. As required by federal regulations, we will report the information in the SEVIS system to ensure that your SEVIS record remains current and up to date.

The regulations also require students on the 17-month STEM Extension and their employers to report certain information to the Office of International Student & Scholar Services. Please follow the links below to access the necessary forms.


Forms for Students:

-Change your local address

-Report your current employer
(use this form when your employer information changes)

-Update your employment status
(use this form when you change from unemployed to employed or from employed to unemployed)

-STEM 6 Month Validation Report

-Report a permanent departure from the U.S.
(if you have departed the U.S. or will permanently leave the U.S soon)

Forms for Employers:

-STEM Employer Notification Form

Please email if you have any concerns/questions.

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