International Student and Scholar Services

INTERSL Listerv List


INTERSL is a listserv for the international community on the campus of UM St. Louis. Its purpose is to seve as a means of communication between all international students and scholars notifying them of important events and upcoming activities. It is also used by the Office of International Student Services to communicate important information regarding taxes, immigration, etc. By respecting the following guidelines, we can all make sure that INTERSL continues to be a useful and welcome means of communication on campus.

  1. Don't spam (make wide and inappropriate postings) or send junk mail, chain letters, ads or messages about dying children, modem taxes, fast, non-existent AOL viruses, cookie recipes, holiday greetings, etc. Be nice.
  2. Bear in mind that your posting will go to a very wide international audience, representing many different languages and social, cultural, religious and ethnic sentiments. Most INTERSL participants will know you *only* by the words they see on their screens. What kind of impression do you want to make? Be aware of your "tone". Email messages often come cross more bluntly than their senders intend. Avoid sarcasm, which is even more easily misunderstood.
  3. Respect the time and other resources of your colleagues. Remember that every time you send a posting to INTERSL you are -- in essence -- forcing hundreds of your very busy colleagues to download and spend perhaps 5-10 seconds of their time determining the initial worth of your message to them.
  4. Never send anything by email that you would not be willing to see published on the front page of the campus newspaper. Remember that email is *not* private or secure and can easily be copied or forwarded to others - even after you have deleted it from your email account.
  5. Do not post "test" messages. The system works. Use your first email to post a request for information. If you have questions about your subscription or your system, contact Chris Sullivan.
  6. Send computer virus warnings to Chris Sullivan, not to the list, so that he can check the veracity of the posting and, if necessary, inform the list.
  7. Do not forward to the listserv personal email received from others without their express permission. Likewise, do not "publish" anyone's personal information (e.g., home address or telephone number). Never identify individual students, faculty and/or colleagues by names or other recognizable personal information when asking for assistance with their situation.
  8. Do not send "Thank you", "Me, too!", "I've received enough info!" as an individual message (although you can certainly send these as parts of substantive summaries or to the replies you receive).
  9. Remember that using ALL CAPS is the Internet equivalent of YELLING! Mix cases as in standard English style. Uppercase text should only be used occasionally, if needed for STRONG EMPHASIS. More often than not, you can use the asterisk key to *emphasize* key points.