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Throughout this Handbook you will find references to the "Office of International Student and Scholar Services," or "ISSS." The Office of International Student and Scholar Services, a branch of the Center for International Studies, is a very important source of information and service to you while you are a student here at UM-St. Louis. You should visit the office whenever you have questions about living and learning in the United States.

The staff in ISSS will be able to help you with most of the questions you have concerning study in the United States. The office offers an orientation program for new international students. Orientation can be very helpful in understanding the academic procedures and regulations at UM-St. Louis, and in explaining what the institution expects of students.

The International Student and Scholar Advisor will help you find fellow students from your country or recommend clubs that you might want to join. There are two opportunities through ISS for you to learn more about the U.S.: the Windows on the World (WOW) UM-St. Louis International and Education Student Speakers Service and the Host Friend Program. These two activities will introduce you to life in the U.S. and give you the chance to teach Americans about your country and culture.

ISSS is your best source of information, advice, and assistance related to your nonimmigrant student status. As you read through this booklet, you will discover other ways in which the staff in ISSS can assist you. Our door is always open!

Hand Book Content

Higher Education In US
Avoiding Trouble and Staying Safe
Academic Life
If you Brought Your Family
Managing Your Money
Social Life
Paying Your Taxes
Staying In Touch With Home
Staying Healthy
Planning Your Return

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