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International Food Stores
These are not the closest food stores, but do offer foods not normally found in American supermarkets. This list is not by any means comprehensive - there are many other ethnic food stores with foods from all over the world. Some of these stores are located near other ethnic food stores also, so look around when you visit any of these.

Jay's International Foods

786 Enterprises

3172 South Grand Boulevard

3020 N Lindbergh



foods from all over the world

Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern. Halal meats.

East-East Oriental Grocery

Viviano and Sons

8619 Olive

5139 Shaw Avenue




Italian and Greek

Seema Enterprises

Wild Oats

10635 Page

8823 Ladue Road



Indian, Pakistani, and Middle Eastern

Organic foods and health products

Furniture and Appliances

Department Stores


11798 St. Charles Rock Road


12275 St. Charles Rock Road


10835 St. Charles Rock Road

JC Penney's

Northwest Plaza


Northwest Plaza

Furniture stores


7241 Natural Bridge Road

Garage sales and estate sales are also good opportunities for inexpensive "shopping." These sales take place in the garage or yard of someone who has decided to sell things s/he no longer wants. They are often the result of a decision to clean the house! The prices are usually very cheap, so get there early. Garage sales are listed in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Tuesday or the Wednesday edition of the neighborhood papers. This is one of the few opportunities to bargain in the U.S., so take advantage of the good prices and the chance to see what Americans have in their houses!