Lab Associates Since 1998

Edgar Javier Hernandez, Ph.D. student (current)
Biólogo, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
            Javier is interested in the evolution of social behavior in bees, especially in bumble bees (Bombini) and stingless bees (Meliponini).

John A. Eimes, M.S. 2004  (Dr. Patricia G. Parker, co-advisor)
B.S., University of Missouri - St. Louis

Working with his co-advisor, Dr. Patricia Parker, John used molecular markers for analyses of kinship and mate choice in Jerram Brown's long-term study population of Mexican jays. John is now applying to Ph.D. programs in biology.
E. Susanne Greenlee, M.S. 2000
B.S., University of Michigan.
Sue's thesis was on the effect of fire season on the diversity of orthopterans in Prairie State Park in southwestern Missouri. She is living in Michigan.
Gerardo R. Borjas M., Certificate in Tropical Ecology and Conservation, 2000
Licenciatura, Universidad Autonoma de Honduras; M.S., Syracuse University
Gerardo learned GIS under the tutelage of Dr. Bette Loiselle and applied his skills to an analysis of distribution and plant associations in Atelionidae (Homoptera) collected in Ecuador by Dr. Terry Erwin.  Gerardo is a professor of biology at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras in Tegucigalpa.
Jon N. Seal, M.S. 1998
B.S., B.A., University of Missouri - St. Louis.
Jon's thesis was on a field experiment to test the developmental response of Polistes metricus to food supplementation of honey, caterpillars, or both. Jon recently completed his Ph.D. program in biological sciences at Florida State University.
István Karsai, Research Associate, 1998-2000
Ph.D., József Attila University
Istvan and I worked on nourishment and development in Polistes metricus paper wasps.  We also pursued ideas on the colony cycle of Polistes wasps as self-organized from underlying parameters of reproduction and development.  In 2000, together with Gerardo Borjas, we briefly studied the natural history of Nectarinella championi in Costa Rica.  Istvan is now an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at East Tennessee State University.

Polistes instabilis  -  Costa Rica
Photo by James H. Hunt