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Writing Program

Writing is the centerpiece of the Honors College. The Writing Program offers students courses that fulfill campus writing requirements; elective classes that enrich their writing expertise; a one-hour, capstone class that offers individual attention to writing and career/graduation school processes; and Honors independent study and internship courses.  
The required Honors writing classes include:

In addition to the required writing classes listed above, the Honors College offers elective writing seminars that cover a variety of topics, such as fiction, poetry, nature writing, publications and papers,  and our popular seminar Bellerive workshop class offered every fall semester.  These courses change in topics each semester and are numbered Honors 2020 and 3020.  They satisfy Honors seminar requirements and most contribute to the English Department’s Writing Certificate Program.  
The Honors College emphasizes the importance of writing in all of our classes, as writing is the chief form of assessment.  Students are also required to develop a writing portfolio.  They maintain writing portfolios which begin with the two essays that accompanied the Honors entrance application.  Then, each semester, students submit one paper for their portfolios; these papers may be graded or clean copies.  Students may elect to submit more papers than the minimum required; they may also submit creative writings and non-honors writing assignments.  During Honors 4100, the portfolio is reviewed; students write an analysis of their writing, and the portfolios are returned to the student.  
Questions about the Honors Writing Program may be directed to Associate Dean Dan Gerth at .