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Four Year Program

The Four-Year program in Honors requires a minimum of 40 credit hours in Honors (including 6 credit hours of independent study or research), distributed as follows:

Honors 1200
(3 credits). Cultural Traditions I
Honors 1xxx (3 credits). One other associated seminar, from the list of freshman seminar courses. Offerings will vary each semester, Honors 1110, 1130, 1230, 1310, 1330.
Honors 1100 (3 credits). Freshman Composition (may be fulfilled by Advanced credit)

Honors 1201 (3 credits). Cultural Traditions II
Honors 1xxx (3 credits). One other associated seminar, from the lise of freshman seminar courses. Offerings will vary each semester, Honors 1110, 1130, 1230, 1310, 1330.

Note: Students taking an American or Western traditions course during one semester will take a non-western traditions course in the other semester, thus fulfilling the University's cultural diversity requirement.

During the second (Sophomore) year, Honors students will take at least two courses from the 2010-2080 range of 'Inquiries' courses. However many Inquiries courses are taken, one should be in an area outside the disciplinary range of the student's intended undergraduate major. All Inquiries courses are 3 credit courses. Some students may seek permission to take a 3000 level course during their sophomore year.

The general Inquiries course numbers are:
Honors 2010: Inquiries in the Humanities.
Honors 2020: Inquiries in the Fine and Performing Arts.
Honors 2030: Inquiries in the Social and Behavioral Sciences.
Honors 2040: Inquiries in Mathematics and Computer Science.
Honors 2050: Inquiries in the Natural Sciences.
Honors 2060: Inquiries in Business.
Honors 2070: Inquiries in Education.
Honors 2080: Inquiries in Nursing.

During these years, students must take at least one three-credit Honors seminar per semester, or a minimum of four in all (12 credit hours). Normally, all these courses will be chosen from the 3000-range of advanced Honors seminars, though permission may be given to take up to two additional 2010-2080 "Inquiries" courses. As with the Honors 2010-2080 courses, all Honors 3000 level courses are 3 credit hours. Students may take more than four advanced Honors seminars during their Junior and Senior years, but they should insure that the additional Honors seminars do not interfere with meeting the requirements of their major and minor departments.

Honors students on the Four-Year program may elect to meet their advanced composition writing requirement (e.g. English 3100) through Honors 3100, "Writing the City," or through Honors 3120, "Business Writing," or Honors 3160, "Writing in the Sciences," normally in their Junior year. In addition, all Honors students are required, in their final (Senior) year, to take Honors 4100, the one or two-credit hour 'Portfolio' course in the Writing Program.

In addition, all Honors students must take 6 credit hours of independent work (independent study, internship, or supervised research) during their junior and senior years. For further details on Independent Study programs and options, please read Appendix D of the Student Handbook, which also includes appropriate application forms.

Many independent study, research and internship projects will normally be undertaken under an appropriate course number in a UMSL department or division, but where it is preferred (or necessary) will be given an Honors course number, as follows:
Honors 4900: Honors Independent Study
Honors 4910: Honors Internship